Thursday night on Big Brother 23, we said goodbye to not one, but two Big Brother 2021 houseguests. Now it’s time to find out which of the remaining six houseguests went on to win the Week 10 Head of Household competition! Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which houseguest will be in this week on BB23!

After Claire was evicted from the Big Brother house, we watched as Hannah went on to win the Head of Household during the Double Eviction. She nominated Alyssa and Xavier and when Xavier went on to win the Power of Veto, he took himself down and Kyland was placed on the block in Xavier’s place. Xavier threw Alyssa a vote, but everyone else voted to evict Alyssa making her the second houseguest to be evicted on Thursday night.

Tiffany, Xavier, Derek, Azah, and Kyland went on to play in the Week 10 Head of Household competition and now that the feeds are back up, we know which of them went on to win it!

The Head of Household for Week 10 is:

  • Kyland

Derek was in the HN room shortly after the feeds came back up and he was camtalking about how he almost had it and how close he was to winning the HOH comp. Meanwhile, Kyland is in the kitchen telling everyone that he would like to do a quick check-in tonight and the one-on-ones tomorrow.

Who do you think Kyland will nominate tomorrow? I will have nomination spoilers coming up for you at some point on Friday!

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