After Thursday night’s Double Eviction on Big Brother 23, it’s time to find out which of the remaining houseguests went on to win the Head of Household for Week 11! If you missed what happened on Thursday night, make sure you check out my Big Brother 2021 live recap. Otherwise, keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened after the Double Eviction aired and the HOH Competition took place.

After the Double Eviction aired on Thursday and we said goodbye to Tiffany and Hannah, the feeds came back up and we found out who won the Week 11 Head of Household. When the feeds came back up, Azah was in the Yacht Room reading her bible while Kyland and Derek are cooking dinner. Xavier wasn’t seen on the feeds for the first half-hour they were back.

When we did finally get a glimpse of Xavier, we find him laying in the HOH room listening to music and sleeping. This leads us to the conclusion that…

The Head of Household Winner for Week 11 is:

  • Xavier

I’m not sure if the Nomination Ceremony has happened yet, but this week the only thing that matters is who wins the Power of Veto. The winner of this week’s Power of Veto will be the only vote or in Xavier’s case, in control of who votes at the next eviction. Once the Nomination Ceremony happens, I will have spoilers for you so be on the lookout for those.

Make sure you come back tomorrow morning for my Live Feeds recap for tonight’s live feeds for any other details of what has happened over the last day and a half since the feeds went down.

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