Now that we have evicted another houseguest from the Big Brother 23 house, it’s time to find out which of the remaining houseguests went on to win this week’s Head of Household competition. With this HOH competition in the books, we have officially kicked off Week 6 of Big Brother! Read on to find out who is in power this week with our Big Brother spoilers!

After the live show ended, the remaining HGs went on to play in this week’s HOH competition. After about an hour, the feeds came back up and we found out who won this week’s Head of Household competition! Let’s find out who won before we get into how this week could go.

The Head of Household for Week 6 is:

  • Kyland

When the feeds come back up, we heard a conversation between Xavier and Alyssa who were talking about how the HGs in this house are stupid. They got rid of Christian and now Kyland has won HOH and SB won’t be going this week.

Tiffany comes into the Storage Room crying because she really wanted to win the HOH competition. Xavier told Hannah shortly after Tiffany left the SR that the one person they didn’t want to win this week, won. He also told Hannah that he threw the HOH competition to Tiffany who then failed to pull out a win. Probably why she was so upset moments before this conversation took place.

I’m not sure who we could see on the block this week, but I do know that it was mentioned that Britini got to pick the first matchup in this comp and chose to put Kyland and SB up against each other in the first round. Kyland also mentioned that Azah didn’t pick two of the former Kings to go head to head and he isn’t sure why. He did say that Britini should be panicking, but he isn’t sure he will put her up. I’ll have Big Brother spoilers for you tomorrow after the Nomination Ceremony takes place.

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