We have said goodbye to another Big Brother 23 houseguest and Kyland is no longer in power. Now it is time to find out which of the remaining houseguests went on to win the Head of Household for Week 7 of Big Brother 2021! Find out who is the new Head of Household right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

This week’s HOH competition is a balance beam competition where the HGs will one by one make their way across a balance beam. The HG with the fastest time will win. There are different routes they can take, but some of the beams are slimmer than others and more difficult to navigate through. Here is how each HG did!

  1. Claire – 34:97
  2. Alyssa – Eliminated
  3. Derek F – Eliminated
  4. Sarah Beth – 21:03
  5. Azah – Eliminated
  6. Hannah – Eliminated
  7. Tiffany – Eliminated
  8. Derek X – Eliminated
  9. Xavier – Eliminated

With a time of just 21.03 seconds, Sarah Beth has won the Head of Household for Week 7 of Big Brother 23!

The High Roller’s Room is back and America’s vote is now open! Message your favorite houseguest to 97979 to help them earn BB Bucks for this week’s twist. The three HGs with the most votes will get 100 BB Bucks, the next three will get 75 BB Bucks and everyone else will get 50 BB Bucks just like last week.

Derek X has the most BB Bucks inside the house as it stands with 100. Will he use his BB Bucks to play the roulette twist or bank it one more week to try for the Coin of Destiny?

Make sure you come back throughout the week for all the spoilers! I will have nomination spoilers for you tomorrow so be on the lookout.

Who do you think SB will put on the block this week?

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