Now that another houseguest has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house, it’s time to find out who went on to win this week’s Head of Household competition. With the Coin of Destiny power up for grabs this week inside the Big Brother 2021 house, it could be a short HOH reign for whomever it is. Be on the lookout for more on that with our Big Brother spoilers throughout the week! For now, find out who won the Head of Household Competition right here!

Now that we have said goodbye to Derek X, it’s time to find out which of the remaining houseguests will become this week’s new Head of Household. After the live vote and eviction, the houseguests all gathered in the backyard for this week’s HOH competition and Julie explained that they would be answering true or false questions about the NFTs that they watched last night on the memory wall. They are also told that after the comp, they will each pick an envelope with a random amount of BB Bucks inside. They will open these up secretly in the High Roller’s Room later this week. Here is how the rounds went and who was eliminated after each question:

  1. Xavier, Claire, and Azah are eliminated
  2. Kyland and Derek F are eliminated
  3. No one is eliminated
  4. Alyssa and Hannah are eliminated

Tiffany was the last HG standing and she has won HOH! Now, all the HGs are reminded to pick up an envelope on their way back into the house. Tiffany is HOH, but with the Coin of Destiny in play and several HGs with enough BB Bucks to play for it. Be on the lookout for spoilers throughout the day tomorrow for nominations and High Roller’s Room!

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