After Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 23, we are officially down to the Final 3 and on the road to finale night. By now you should all know that Kyland was evicted from the Big Brother 2021 house which means that Derek, Xavier, and Azah all went on to compete in the first round of the final Head of Household. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which of them went on to win!

For the new fans of Big Brother 23, the final Head of Household is played in a three-part tournament-style fashion. All three houseguests play in the first round for a chance at a spot in round three. In round two, only the two houseguests that lost in round one will play and the winner of this will move on to round three. Finally, the winners of rounds one and two will go head to head in round three. The winner of round three will become the final HOH of the summer and have a guaranteed spot in the Final 2 chairs.

Now that round one has taken place, we know who will have the first spot in round three! When the feeds came back up, we saw Xavier pacing around the Yacht Room talking about what Kyland said about him being a role model. Meanwhile, Derek and Azah were in the bathroom talking. During these chats, we find out…

The Winner of Round 1 of the Final HOH is:

  • Xavier

Xavier said, “what kind of role model are you for your nephew? You know what Ky, I am going to show you by winning. First part, done!” Derek tells Azah that she did so well and held on longer than he thought she would and says that it’s not over and now she doesn’t have to worry about Xavier, just him.

I’m not sure when Round 2 will play out, but as soon as it does, I’ll have you Big Brother spoilers!

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