The High Roller’s Room twist has taken place inside the Big Brother 23 house and there is a new “secret” Head of Household in charge. We know who it is and who they decided to put on the chopping block with their new found power. Find out who is the new HOH on Big Brother 2021 and who is on the block right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

When the feeds came back from the High Roller’s Room twist, we watched as Tiffany was packing up her HOH as Hannah and Claire sat talking about what happened. During this conversation, we found out that Tiffany has to move out of the HOH because Claire actually won the Coin of Destiny and chose the correct side when she called it.

She decided that she was going to keep the noms the same and we got to listen to Sarah Beth cry to Kyland about how she was clearly all wrong about the dynamic of the house. Kyland was trying to give SB a bit of a pep talk, but SB isn’t listening to it. In the screengrab above, she had just gotten done telling Kyland that someone had an anonymous chance to make a move and still decided to nominate them.

Claire, Tiffany, and Hannah plan to imply to the house that Tiffany won this week’s twist just to try and keep the drama in the house to a minimum. This will allow for Claire to fly under the radar, but they can still work together to make sure that the right person goes to Jury on Thursday.

As for Xavier, he is also still on the block as the third nominee since he wasn’t the one to win the Coin of Destiny. However, there is still a chance that he could win the Power of Veto which will play out tomorrow! Be on the lookout for spoilers right here throughout the day!

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