During Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 23, Julie Chen filled us in on a new twist that will hit the house this week called the High Roller’s Room. If you missed the details about the new twist on Thursday’s episode of Big Brother and what it entails, read on to get all the details about the twist and how you can vote for your favorite Big Brother houseguest!

Julie has dropped a ball inside the Big Brother house letting us and the houseguests know that there is a new twist being unleashed on the house. She tells the houseguests that this week a new room will open up inside the Big Brother 23 house, the High Roller’s Room!

Inside the High Roller’s Room, the houseguests will find three unique casino games and they will have to use a special currency called BB Bucks to play these casino games. These games will give them three game-changing powers including the ability to themselves off the block, win a second veto, or flip the power to your favor.

How do the houseguests earn BB Bucks? That’s where America comes in! For the next three weeks, the viewers at home will vote for their favorite houseguest by texting your favorite HGs name to 97979. The top three houseguests will get 100 BB Bucks, the next three houseguests will get $75 BB Bucks and the remaining houseguests will each get 50 BB Bucks.

The better the power, the more BB Bucks the power will cost, but the HGs don’t have to use their BB Bucks right away. They can bank their BB Bucks for later. Voting is open now and closes at 9 AM PT Friday, 8/13 for this week.

Who are you voting for?

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