The Wildcard Comp for week 2 of Big Brother 23 has happened and we have results! With Kyland in the Head of Household spot this week, there are some Big Brother houseguests that are nervous about who he might target. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to find out which houseguests played and who won and earned safety!

It was determined earlier today that Frenchie was going to play for the Jokers and Sarah Beth would play for the Kings. The Aces decided they were going to leave their pick up to chance and Brent ended up being randomly selected to play.

The feeds were down for just over four hours for the player picks and the comp and when the feeds came back up, we were able to find out that Sarah Beth won this week’s Wildcard Competition. As Julie mentioned on Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 23, the winner of the Wildcard Comp had to switch teams in order to win safety. Sarah Beth chose not to take the safety and stayed with her team.

Now that the Wildcard Competition is over, we know that no one is safe for the week other than Kyland, Tiffany, and Claire. Now it’s time for Kyland to do some one-on-one conversations with the other HGs and choose who he will be putting on the block for eviction this week.

The Nomination Ceremony should happen sometime Friday night so be on the lookout because I will have the spoilers for you as soon as they are confirmed!

What do you think about Sarah Beth winning the Wildcard Comp and not taking the safety on Big Brother 23?

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