It is time to find out who won the Wildcard Competition on Big Brother 23! One member from each of the teams that lost during the HOH comp was chosen to compete in this competition for a chance at safety. However, if the winner of this comp chooses to take the safety, a punishment could bring havoc to the Big Brother house. Find out which of the HGs competed and who won right here with our Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds cut for about an hour and when they came back up we found out that Christian, Kyland, and Hannah were picked to play in the Wildcard Competition. Not even 10 minutes later, the feeds went down again. The feeds were down for over five hours and when they came back up, the HGs were all running to the backyard.

Through all the chit chat, there was a conversation between Alyssa and Derek F where Alyssa said that she felt good with Frenchie and so did Sarah Beth, but now that Christian is safe and Xavier are safe, she wonders if they can make it so that their teams can work together. Derek tells her that he can’t make that decision because he isn’t the team captain, but that she should definitely talk to Frenchie about it.

Wildcard Competition Results are:

  • Christian won the Wildcard Competition for Safety
  • Christian picked Xavier for safety too

Christian went on to win the Wildcard Competition and is safe for the week because of it. It seems as though he was also able to save someone else from his team and he chose to keep Xavier safe.

This is definitely going to throw a wrench into Frenchie’s plans this week. He made it very clear that he wasn’t going to be targeting any of the women in the house. He had a plan to target Brent, but after having a one on one conversation with him, he realized that Brent wasn’t the guy he assumed he was. After that, his target shifted to Christian, but now that he can’t target him, the potential targets are starting to dwindle.

Sounds like Nominations will likely happen tomorrow and the POV will probably happen on Saturday. I will have spoilers for you when they happen!

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