A lot of readers have expressed concerns that the Big Brother 15 version of “Big Brother: After Dark” would be greatly restrained now that it was moving from SHO2 to TVGN. According to reports from Big Brother Network, TVGN will not be censoring “After Dark.”

The biggest question we heard from many fans was whether or not “After Dark” would lose its uncensored privileges when moving from a premium channel to basic cable. “Fans aren’t going to miss out on any context or hot moments happening on “After Dark,” said Leslie Furuta [TVGN executive].

It was also revealed that there will be no commercials for the first week of BBAD. After that there will be only short commercial interruptions akin to what we saw happen on SHO2 in past seasons.

TVGN’s executive says the experience will be “literally no different” for the 2013 summer season. Of course this isn’t convincing all fans, some of which are sure it will be a disaster. We’re pretty convinced though and aren’t worried about this channel change especially since it now means people can watch “After Dark” for free without having to subscribe to Showtime anymore.

What do you think about the news about Big Brother 15‘s “After Dark” shake up this year? Are you excited to watch BBAD for free this time around?

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