It’s Big Brother 22 premiere night and I can’t even put into words how excited I am to be back with you all! Tonight we will finally have confirmation on which houseguests will be entering the Big Brother house. As I announced yesterday, after tonight’s show airs on the west coast, we will have also have live feeds. Keep reading to find out what the premiere will have in store for us and what the schedule will look like from tonight on.

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Tonight’s two-hour Big Brother All-Stars live move-in will air at 9 PM EST! We will watch live as the HGs react to the Big Brother house for the first time, they will most likely move on to claim their beds, and introduce themselves. If this premiere goes like every other premiere in recent history, there will be some kind of twist or the theme of the season will be announced. We will then hopefully watch as the HGs compete in the first Head of Household comp of the season! 

After the show finishes on the west coast, the live feeds will kick on. If for some reason they drag out the premiere and the HOH comp doesn’t finish on the show, I will have HOH results for you later tonight. You would then stay tuned for all the Big Brother spoilers you crave beginning tomorrow morning with my daily Big Brother live feeds recaps! 

After tonight’s premiere, the next episode of Big Brother All-Stars will premiere on Sunday, August 9th at 10 PM EST. We will then go to a regular schedule of Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 8 PM EST with Thursday’s still being live eviction night.

A lot of you have been asking about Big Brother After Dark. I have not heard anything on when that will begin, however, like always I will keep you posted on new information as it comes.

Again, I’m so excited to be back and look forward to talking to all of you throughout the season. Please, feel free to comment on my articles and interact with me! I love hearing from you all.

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