Yesterday I asked you all to tell me who your favorite Big Brother 20 HG was and I have the poll results for you below. Keep reading to find out where your favorite HG landed on the list and let me know if you agree or disagree with their rankings in the comments below or on social media.

You have seen them play the game for a couple weeks now and some of you have even seen the uncut version of the HGs on the feeds. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the feeds, you can sign up and receive a free week by clicking the add below or you can catch up by reading our Big Brother spoilers

The poll results changed slightly with a new HG in the top spot. Here are the top three HGs according to you all and below you will find where the others landed in the results.

3. Winston

So Winston was number two on the chart last week and took a bit of a hit in the votes with just 7% of the votes this week compared to 18% of them last week. Not sure if his relationship with Brett is affecting his numbers or him being on the block, but either way Winston has some work to do if he plans on remaining in the top 2 here.

2. Sam

Sam was number one last week taking 39% of the votes, but this week she is sitting at number 2 with 25% of the votes. While her honesty and genuine personality continue to be a bit refreshing to us as viewers, it isn’t going to help her in the Big Brother house. I know most of us want her to go far in this game, but she is going to have to start watching what she says and to who.

1. Tyler

Does this really surprise anyone? Last week he was pretty low in the rankings, but this week he took 40% of the votes. He is probably one of the most perceptive people I have ever seen play this game and uses every bit of that to his advantage, but if anyone else catches onto this in the house, his days could be numbered. He has been playing both sides of the house since the beginning and has made some strong allies in both sides. Will this be good for his game in the long run or cause him to become a target sooner rather than later?

Here is where the rest of the HGs landed in order from the greatest number of votes to the least number of votes:

  • Kaitlyn
  • Scottie
  • Haleigh
  • Kaycee
  • JC
  • Swaggy
  • Rachel
  • Angela
  • Faysal
  • Rockstar
  • Bayleigh
  • Brett

Where did your favorite HG land on the chart? Let me know in the comments below or on social media. Also, make sure you tune in for an all new episode of Big Brother airing at a special time tonight at 8/7c! You can also come back tonight for my live recap and join in the conversations in the comment section of the post or on social media at the links below!

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