This week we didn’t see much of a difference in our favorite Big Brother 20 HG poll results. There is however a new number three spot holder in our Big Brother  results! Keep reading to find out where everyone landed in the rankings right here and make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up before tonight’s episode! 

Here we go!

3. Haleigh

With a whooping 9% of the votes this week, Haleigh comes in third on our poll results. Her move against Tyler las week and her being in the HOH this week has brought her fans out. I’m pretty sure that if she didn’t out herself as the Hacker last week, she could have probably taken the second place spot.

2. Sam

Sam has stayed at the number two spot for a while now, but her emotional breakdown last week hurt her numbers a lot. She only took 11% of the votes this week compared to the 16% she had last week. I’m noticing a change in her attitude lately, but we will find out if that brings her fan base back. Unfortunately, I don’t think she will stay in the top three long.

1. Tyler

This isn’t even surprising anymore. He took 60% of the votes this week, he will probably keep this spot until he is eventually evicted or the show ends, which ever comes first. He is continuing to play the game really well, but he did draw a line in the sand with Haleigh and the Hive this week (I won’t spoil it though).

Here is where the rest of the HGs landed in order from the greatest to the least amount of votes:

  • Brett
  • Kaycee
  • JC
  • Angela
  • Rockstar
  • Faysal
  • Scottie

What do you think of this week’s result? Do you agree with the Top 3? Do you think that everyone deserves the rankings they got? Let me know!

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