This week the Big Brother 23 houseguests had access to a new power inside the High Roller’s Room. For anyone who missed out on what the second power on Big Brother 2021 was and how it worked, keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all those details. I’ll also tell you who won the power, who it was used on, and who ended up on the block because of it!

With the amount of BB Bucks that the houseguests were able to collect as of this week, the houseguests had access to a second power inside the High Roller’s Room. This was a roulette power that allowed the winner to take one of the nominees off the block, but a roulette wheel will then pick the replacement nominee. This all had to take place right after the power was won.

Alyssa managed to win this power and when she asked Sarah Beth who she wanted her to take down with the power, SB claims that she panicked and told her to pick Derek F. Alyssa did what she was told and took Derek F off the block with the roulette power, but what happened next, no one could have predicted.

Once Derek F was off the block, the roulette wheel spun and landed on, none other than, Alyssa’s biggest ally in the house, Xavier. This means that Xavier and Claire are on the block going into tomorrow’s Power of Veto Competition. This might not be the worst thing for Xavier, since he has the potential to win the Power of Veto tomorrow or one of his allies could.

We will have to wait and see what happens throughout the day tomorrow! Be on the lookout for more spoilers tomorrow morning with our Live Feeds recap and our POV Spoilers throughout the day.

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