Big Brother 14 Noms are in and, though it was a pretty tough call for Shane and Brit–in the end, Shane decided to take a chance (and basically cut a public F2 deal) with the lanky curly-top-Frank.

It was “obvi” that Britney was a bit shocked at his choice.  though it wasn’t 100% when they went to Trivia–it sure looked then like Frank was going up.. It  was ultimately Shane’s call though- and he alone decided to go after Janelle’s team and put Joe up against  the relatively harmless Ashley–for a guarantee of safety and votes from Boogie’s team and to team up with Frank.


After exhausting HOH discussions, Shane obviously decided to trust in Frank.   Brit and Shane’s main goal this week is to do whatever they can to cripple Janelle’s team. And by taking a direct shot at her this week– she’s basically declared war.Though Brit MIGHT’ve been a bit surprised at Shane’s final decision– it was still pretty clear that Brit’s never going to forgive how fast Jani and her team abandoned them once the Week one POV went down.

After the meeting–Brit and Jani met up in HOH and Brit was playing the ‘I had no idea this was going to happen’ card.  Jani stated to Brit that if she finds out that Frank and Shane are working together–I’m gonna get PISSED.  Oh yeah! The LIVE FEEDS are gonna be AMAZING this week! 

I think Shane made his final decision once he learned that it was Janelle who told Danielle that Jojo’d called her fat (did you follow that?) Shane thinks that was nothing but a malicious lie–was disgusted.

PS- Janelle told Brit she’s SURE the Coach’s twist is coming… erp…

STAY TUNED TODAY for POV RESULTS!!  Noms are noms- are Brit said last night.. But it’s the all-powerful POV that really dictates how the week will go.

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