Things turn on a dime in the Big Brother 14 House. This we know 

As you also know, things are never quite what they appear on the network show, either. The interesting thing on the show last night, was Janelle’s complete absence vis-a-vis Coach-gate. The edit made it appear 100% Britney. And yes…she made a monumental mistake telling Willie “her” theory that the coaches may re-enter the game.

And yes–Willie’s unfortunate mimicry and strong-arm tactics have likely cost him the game. BUT what they did not show you, was that it was JANELLE who came up with the “we may come back” theory, and JANELLE who wanted the votes to split for “good TV” in the first place–thereby causing Frank to question Willie.

The blonde Amazonian beauty was the first one to decide that maybe she didn’t hate Boogie quite as much as she thought she did, and rushed to join in with Dan and Boogie in their campaign to cripple Brit.

No matter how much trash-talking goes on about Willie–in the long game, it’s just as likely they’ll go after Shane–keeping Willie as a shield and target.

And speaking of Shane….Expect him to be a major topic in the trade negotiations on the Feeds today. The afternoon’s “Coach’s Competition” will be hard-fought, as Dan, Boogie and Janelle do their dead-best to block Britney. The LAST thing they’d want is for her to win, and either protect Shane OR trade Willie off for a Wil or a Danielle. (Willie’s already told her not to waste a win on him, and instead, to protect Jojo or Shane) 

If Brit trades Willie for Danielle–Dan’s game is done. So you can expect Dan to fight like crazy in the comp. (no more “slipping.”) Ironically, trading Willie for one of Janelle or Boogie’s members might be the only way to save him–at least for this week.

Watch the feeds or check back here for the results of the Coach’s comp today!! It’s going to be EPIC!


The winner will be announced today by 12pm, Central time!! Good luck everyone!!

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