This first week in the Big Brother 14 house is particularly unusual. Normally the first week is a gimme. The weird or crazy, the irritating or abrasive are ousted, with no skin off the first HOH’s nose.

But this is a new house, and the first week’s eviction could be pivotal to the rest of the game.

The Branelle alliance is showing the first cracks, with Willie still pushing to keep his bromance Frank safe–even though Joe whipped them all into a frenzy when he told the group at an alliance meeting that Frank intimated that Boogie’s crew would go after Willie and Shane once they were in power.

Brit is standing by her man, while Janelle is pushing hard for Frank to go. On one hand, it’s smart, strategically, to get rid of the biggest physical threat. A move which also put the hurt on the wily Boogie. Jani’s personal vendetta against Boogie is causing her to push to do whatever is needed to “get him.” I wonder if it could be her downfall at some point?  On the other hand, taking Dan’s best player–and leaving him with only Danielle–basically takes him out of the game.

On a lighter note- it was date-night in the Big Brother 14 house. The HG’s served as wait-staff to wee Ian and his date, Ashley. Poor, awkward Ian gave a pretty good show for his part and Ashley was a very good sport.

And for the guys— There was lots of bubble-bath-ing going on. While Britney went solo- Janelle and Jojo {who seems to be slightly put-out that Shane is paying more attention to Danielle than to her- and says she can get any guy she wants. That she could “take him (Shane) from her (Danielle), if she (Jojo) wants to.} had double the fun.

There was a bit of a blow-up last night on people not cleaning up after themselves, and with the tension mounting between Janelle and Britney’s group over this week’s eviction- you better STAY TUNED.. It’s only a matter of time before the hair-pulling starts. Do you have your LIVE FEEDS yet? If not– why not?? This is the best thing—the ONLY? thing– on TV! And it’s the BEST part of the summer!! Sign up HERE with us!!


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