Hi guys. I took a day off, but there was little to talk about in the Big Brother 2010 house.

UPDATE- I don’t want to post anything that I don’t know for certain.. Per some tweeters who CLAIM to be in Live audience- Brit was evicted and the Brigade guys began part I of the final HOH comp- Hanging on vines, a la BB10- through a waterfall, and are banged into walls. Again, this is just speculation…Will put up new post after show tonite..

The Brigade seems set to send Brit home.

UPDATE: Just got the word.. The Feeds will be out from sometime this morning, until 6 pm BBT Wednesday. 🙁

The big news is sad..  The rumor is that BB will cut the feeds some time this morning, and will hold the veto ceremony and the eviction today during the Feed blackout.  We will know for certain later today, when members of the audience, whom they have scheduled to attend today, tweet and post what happened during the show.

No word yet, if the feeds will be back after the show tonight.

In the past, we have always had the feeds up until and immediately following all the shows.

So, the sum of all this is… we don’t know crap!  sorry! Am I mad.. Heck yeah! I’m mad!!

We will just have to play the waiting game…

Here are some pics to tide us over until we know more..

Brit dyed Lane’s beard.

The Brigade started getting paranoid on each other.

And Random objects in the house.

And let me take this time to tell you how much fun I have had with all of you this summer. Without all of you, this would not have worked. Some say we are nuts to spend this much time on a stupid reality show.

To these naysayers,, I say.. NAY!! If you have only ever watched the CBS show, you didn’t REALLY watch Big Brother. However, if you weren’t able to sign up for the FEEDS, or BBAD..  and you  watched the CBS show, then came here for the real skinny on what is happening. You may now call yourself a true fan!

I did my very best to give you my true, honest opinion on events in the house. I have always loved this game beyond all others because of the psychological aspect. One which you don’t see in any other show. To observe to what levels a person will stoop to win a half a million dollars. I believe this year we saw some people go below and beyond disgusting behaviour. (Talking to you, Britney, Ragan and Matt-with the wifey sick lie).

Anyway.. When I know what happens, you will know, so STAY TUNED and hang in there with me to the bitter end!!

And here are some pics of our beloved HG’s who are no longer with us.. Key sad funeral music..

So long dear Houseguests, and thanks for a fun Season….

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