For those Big Brother fans that happen to also be fans of Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16, you know that he is back on Survivor for another shot at winning that $1 million. Survivor Game Changers kicked off with a bang and it was two intense hours, but Caleb’s tribe is not looking so strong right now!

Survivor Game Changers 2017 Spoilers - Premiere - Caleb Reynolds Cover Photo

Survivor Game Changers has all returning castaways, as these are players that helped changed the game as we know it. I am always hesitant about returning players, but these are some huge personalities and it is definitely going to bring for some great TV to watch.

We had two hours of action last night, which meant two Immunity Challenges and two Tribal Councils. It just so happened, that Caleb’s tribe, the Mana Tribe, lost both challenges! However, he managed to get through both votes without any real concern, for now. He was originally aligning with Tony, but they voted him out. This could put a target on his back for the future, but it looks like we will be dropping the buffs next week already, so no need to worry about that, huh?

For now, check out some photos of Caleb from the Survivor Game Changers premiere last night, which also happened to be the 500th episode of Survivor:

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