Things have been interesting inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house as the HGs prepare for their first live vote and eviction. There are three nominees on the chopping block this round and none of them are feeling worried about being there. Keep reading to find out which HG everyone is pushing to get out the door on Celebrity Big Brother 2019!

The day started off with some conversations between Tamar, Jonathan, Dina, and Joey in the storage room. Tamar and Jonathan talk about where they think Dina’s vote falls and Jonathan tells Tamar that Dina is voting for Kandi. As Tamar is leaving, Dina walks in and Jonathan confirms with her that she still plans to keep Joey and Jonathan safe and she tells him that’s her plan. When Jonathan leaves, Joey walks in and Dina tells him that if she is going to vote to keep them safe, they better have her back.

Joey has apparently never watched the live feeds for Big Brother because he only found out yesterday that if you were a final nom that you had to pack up all your stuff before eviction night. He relayed this information to Kandi. Kandi tells him and Ryan that she would rather get voted out early than late to avoid the stress. Joey then talks about how everyone in the house has their own journey and it’s only one person’s journey to go on to win CBB. He also tells Kandi that no matter when they are voted out of the house, they might all land other opportunities outside of the house because of the show. Kandi jokes with Ryan that maybe she will sing the National Anthem at one of his swim meets.

Natalie and Kato have a conversation about their deal to keep each other’s duo safe if they should win the HOH. They talk about how their ideal F4 would be Natalie, Lolo, Kato, and Tom. Meanwhile, Jonathan tells Ryan that this has been a learning experience about himself. Explains that he isn’t used to dealing with this much drama and Ryan adds that there are 12 different personalities inside this house. Jonathan says that the bad energy in the house is making him uncomfortable and he wishes there was less drama but knows that it wouldn’t make for good TV.

Throughout the day there was a lot of talk about the eviction. It looked like Jonathan was in trouble for eviction for most of the day, but none of the noms really looked too worried about it. Kato told Kandi he was pretty sure she was safe and Tom later tells him to be careful about making Tamar mad because he likes her. Jonathan is asking Dina what she has heard around the house about the vote and Dina tells him she is pretty sure everyone is voting for Kandi because that’s what Tamar wants.

Tamar claims to be a super fan of this game but doesn’t seem to really understand what it means to play the game. She went to Natalie and Lolo talking about how Ricky lied to her and she can’t trust any of the men in the house. She adds that she doesn’t understand why they had to go to Tom and Kato for safety when she feels like they should be coming to them for safety. Tamar adds that she thinks the women in the house need to stick together and talks about how she needs to straighten things out with Kandi. However, this just turns into her flipping out on Kandi, again.

Tamar tells Natalie that she hopes this is a double eviction because she wants Jonathan and Kandi gone right away. Meanwhile, Ricky is telling Kandi that Tamar is probably going to be voting to evict Kandi, but she is expecting that. Kandi and he talk about Joey being the renom and Ricky tells her that was his idea. He thought that it would help protect her and their alliance to have him up there. He adds that Tom, Kato, and Dina are all on Kandi’s side. He tells her that Jonathan is the target.

There is some camtalking from Tom and he tells us that he knows everyone is voting to evict Jonathan but he isn’t sure that’s the best move. He then goes and asks Kato if evicting Jonathan is the right thing to do because he thinks that he can get Jonathan on their side. Tom thinks that if Jonathan goes this week then Ryan will have to go next. He also thinks that if Kandi goes this week they can get Ryan and Jonathan on their side along with Lolo and Natalie.

The feeds went down for almost two hours yesterday and when they came back everything in the house seemed normal. There was still a lot of talk about the eviction, who everyone trusts and doesn’t trust and a lot of explaining to Tamar how this game works. She doesn’t understand why Jonathan is such a threat so Ricky tries to explain that he and Ryan are a threat together, but she doesn’t seem to get it. Tamar is back to voting for Kandi because she thinks that Jonathan leaving helps Kandi’s game and thinks that Kandi is the bigger threat.

There ends up being some drama between two HGs in the house whose names aren’t Kandi and Tamar. Tom and Ricky got into it a bit last night. Tom is really annoyed with Ricky because Ricky won’t outright join their alliance. Tom thinks that if they went to Ryan and Jonathan and made a deal with them, they can make a strong six-person alliance and run the house. Kato tells Tom he will think about the idea of blowing up this blindside and Tom tells him he won’t do anything unless Kato agrees to it.

The conversation moves to the yard where Tom tells Kato he is really annoyed with Ricky taking shots at him. He really wants Kato to consider flipping the vote, but Kato tells him that they need to talk to Natalie and Lolo first. Tom continues to talk about how Ricky is really smart, smarter than them. They also talk about how Tom thinks if they vote off Jonathan that their alliance will end up being villains because Jonathan might be well-liked.

A little time goes by and Ricky ends up delivering jabs to Tom about being fired on The Apprentice. He continues to take jabs at Tom no matter the subject matter of the conversation. Tom tried to do some stand-up and Ricky starts talking about how Tom isn’t funny. After this, Tom tells Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo about the situation with Ricky and mentions that Ricky called him a “prick” earlier in the day.

Tom is back to talking to Kato about flipping the vote. Tom tells Kato he wants to talk to the girls so they split up the duos and talk separately. Kato to Natalie and Tom to Lolo. Lolo doesn’t like the idea of talking to Ryan and Jonathan because Ryan hasn’t let her in on the plan all week. She doesn’t trust Ryan, but tells Tom they will revisit the conversation after coffee in the morning.

Lolo then goes to Ricky and tells him that Tom wants to flip the vote now because Ricky really upset him. Ricky reminds Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar that they don’t need Tom’s vote since the four of them can vote Jonathan out on their own. Later, Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar talk with Jonathan and Ryan. Lolo tells Ryan that she is upset with him for excluding her and mentioning her as a target. Ryan admits that he did that and tells her that targeting her wasn’t a serious plan. Ryan apologizes to her for upsetting her and promises that he was never serious about targeting her. They hug. After the guys leave, Natalie tells the others that she isn’t convinced that it was sincere.

We ended the night with Ricky and Tom talking. Ricky apologized for the way he acted towards Tom earlier in the day and asks how he can be a better friend to Tom. Tom mentions that he just wants someone to listen to his ideas and talks about a five-person alliance. After their conversation, Ricky goes back to Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar and tells them that he spoke with Tom. Ricky mentions the alliance talk and adds that just because they are all voting the same, doesn’t mean they are in an alliance.

While Tom is going to try his hardest to flip the vote, I think that Jonathan being evicted tonight is a done deal. Ricky is really enjoying all the pot stirring in the house, this could make for great feeds and TV or it could cause Ricky to be the number one target next round. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Live eviction tonight starting at 8/7c. I will also have HOH spoilers for you as soon as the feeds come back after the comp later tonight. Who do you think is in the most danger of going home tonight? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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