The Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds were switched on last night and boy, did we get a lot of information from them! We also got a little bit of drama, which was to be expected when you put Tamar and Kandi in the same house. Keep reading to find out some of the highlights of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother 2019 live feeds! 

Okay, so here is a rundown of all the details, big and small, that I was able to pull off the live feeds last night:

There are two diary rooms this year. One upstairs and one downstairs. I’m assuming that this helps with getting the HGs in and out of them faster to ensure that there is enough DR footage.

Once the HGs realized that the feeds were live, Tamar yelled out “Brother Mooch, you tried it!” and Tom questioned whether or not they can talk about that. We got further confirmation that Anthony Scaramucci was removed from the house when Jonathan asked why his picture on the memory wall was still lit if he wasn’t coming back. A little later, Tom asked if they were allowed to talk about it again and Kato mentioned how Mooch was some kind of mole and no one was a part of it and the cameras changed. I’m assuming they don’t want too much information out before it airs on television, which will hopefully be tonight. We did find out that he left on Monday.

Tamar and Kandi got into a heated discussion, which turned into Tamar threatening to leave if she had to continue to deal with Kandi. She is claiming that Kandi is trying to make her look bad on television. As mentioned by both Tamar and Kandi, they have a rocky past also, so this was to be expected. Tamar told some of the other HGs that she is going to vote for Kandi to be evicted and when asked what was wrong by some of the others, Tamar tells them that “Friday can’t come fast enough.” There has been a couple of hints that Kandi might be a renom choice during the POV Ceremony later today.

Ricky was in the room during the heated discussion between Tamar and Kandi. He was also in the room when Tamar was trying to tell Lolo and Natalie about what happened between her and Kandi. Later, when Tamar isn’t around, Ricky tells Lolo and Natalie that Tamar was overplaying that situation when she was telling them about it.

There was a conversation between Tom and Kato where Tom talks about being nervous. He thinks that he is talking too much. He mentions how he spilled the beans on the feeds about Anthony, to the other HGs about the game and he’s getting a little paranoid. He talks about how he and Kato need to talk more privately so that they are on the same page throughout the game.

Later we listened to Natalie and Lolo talk about the events in the house so far. It sounds like there were two POV comps. Ricky won the first one and didn’t use it, but Kandi was renom’d in Anthony’s place when they found out that Anthony wasn’t really there to play the game. Kato won the second one and plans on taking Tom off the block later today.

Natalie talks to Tom a little later and tells him that if her, Lolo or Tamar end up winning HOH, he and Kato will be safe. She just asks for the same in return from them. Tom goes to tell Kato about the deal she offered and it seems like they are good with that plan.

So, the first night started off slow but ended up feeding us some great information. We will have the POV Ceremony later and don’t forget the POV Competition airs tonight starting at 8/7c! Be on the lookout for the POV Ceremony spoilers and my recap later tonight.

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