Last night we watched as some of the HGs were blindsided by the eviction vote on Celebrity Big Brother 2. After the show ended, we went into an endurance comp for the HOH spot and a new HOH was named. Find out who the new HOH in the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 house is right here! Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds recap to get all the details of what happened leading up to and after the HOH comp!

After the show, the feeds came back up and showed all the HGs lounging and preparing for the HOH comp to start. Ryan, Dina, and Joey are talking about the eviction and Joey wonders who was the one vote for Kandi. Dina can’t keep a straight face and they instantly knew it was her. Dina is surprised that Tamar didn’t vote for Kandi also. After this conversation, Ryan tells Kato that he isn’t mad about the blindside, he actually appreciates that a big move was made.

Meanwhile, Tamar and Ricky are chatting. Tamar doesn’t think that Jonathan was surprised at all when he was evicted. She thinks he had some kind of idea he was the target. Talk then turns to how the girls are annoyed with Tamar and she isn’t sure why. Tamar leaves the room briefly and Natalie walks in. Ricky mentions to her that Tamar knows that Natalie and Lolo are upset with Tamar. Natalie admits to him that they are upset with Tamar.

Tamar comes back into the room and Natalie mentions that they have a numbers advantage in the comp. Natalie also gives Tamar credit for not voting for Kandi in the eviction. Tamar tells her that the decision was easy, but the action was hard. A few minutes later the feeds cut for the HOH comp prep.

The feeds come back to the HGs playing Rock Til You Drop. Get all the details of last night’s HOH comp right here! After the comp, there are a lot of conversations. Tamar is talking about how she thinks that Kato is going to put her up, Natalie tells her that she won’t let him. Natalie talks about how it’s good that they can all compete in the next HOH and also mentions that Joey didn’t get a safety deal this round because he didn’t drop when the deal was offered. Tamar thinks that Ricky and Ryan should go up, but Natalie tells Tamar that Ryan would have to be BD’d in order to be evicted. Tamar said Ricky and Joey should go up then.

Tom and Kato chat. Kato tells Tom that Ryan thinks he is going up, but he is putting Dina up because she is coming after him. She made a comment during the HOH comp to Joey about not making a deal with Kato and staying on the wall. Ryan tells Kato that if Kato doesn’t put him up he will be in an alliance with him. He tells Kato about the alliance he had with Jonathan and the girls but tells Kato that he is worried they are in a new alliance with everyone else.

Natalie and Lolo talk about how hard it was to concentrate during the HOH with Joey complaining the whole time. Lolo mentions that Joey was talking through his mic to production telling them that the comp was lasting too long and they needed to speed it up.

After the HOH room is revealed to the HGs, Ryan and Joey talked about Tamar and Kandi. Ryan says that he saw them hugging so he thinks they are okay with each other now. He also says that he hopes to win the POV so that Lolo can go up (he clearly doesn’t know Lolo, Natalie, Tom and, Kato are working together). Ryan is also worried that the POV might be a mental comp though.

Meanwhile, Lolo and Natalie are talking about how they are worried about if they win the POV and have to use it on Tamar it might expose their alliance. Natalie tells her that they won’t have to because they will have to votes to keep Tamar safe if she is on the block.

There wasn’t much talk from Kato about nomination plans other than putting Dina up. We should find out his nomination plans sometime this weekend, I’m thinking most likely later today. Make sure you check back for those spoilers when they become available!

What do you think of Kato winning the HOH? Who do you think he should nominate this round? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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