Yesterday was nomination day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and even though the feeds were down for most of the day, we learned who was nominated as soon as they returned. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from yesterday’s live feeds right here!

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds started off with a heated exchange between Lolo and Tamar. The feeds cut out at 9:46 AM BBT and didn’t return until 7 PM BBT. During this time there was a lot of speculation that Lolo may have been kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house because her argument with Tamar turned physical, however, those reports were false. When the feeds returned, everyone was still in the house.

After the feeds returned, every time the HGs started talking about what happened earlier in the day, the feeds would cut briefly or switch camera views. We have no idea what happened while the feeds were down. We did find out from Joey that the POV will happen live during Monday’s live eviction episode. Ryan also mentioned that he thought that Tamar and Lolo were going to fight earlier that day. Tamar and Dina are talking and Tamar tells Dina that she thinks that Dina will be safe this week and that she is the real target.

Lolo and Ricky chatted about whether or not Kato and Tom could be trusted and Ricky tells Lolo that he thinks they can, but he feels the need to always check in with them. Later on, Lolo and Tamar have a conversation and Tamar tells Lolo that she isn’t going to talk game with her anymore in an attempt to keep the peace. Tamar also mentions that she is really upset with Kato for mentioning her son in his nomination speech. Apparently in his speech he told Tamar that if she is evicted, she can go be home with her son. Tamar tells Lolo that she will never speak to Ricky or Kato again because of the events of the day (Ricky didn’t talk to Tamar all day and she is taking it personally).

Tamar and Kato have a talk later in the night and they talked through why Tamar was upset with Kato. He tells her that the only reason he mentioned her son in his nomination speech was that he thought that her missing him was why she was crying all the time. After their talk, Kato announced loudly to the entire house that he and Tamar were friends again.

Kato and Tom have some chats about who they think are the big targets in the house. Kato tells Tom that Joey, Ryan, and Dina are working together. Tom is more concerned about Joey than he is Dina, but Kato already promised Joey safety. They then talk with Lolo and Natalie about Ryan being a big threat in the game. Tom is also worried that Ricky might try and break their alliance up, but Natalie doesn’t think he will.

Meanwhile, inside, Ryan points out to Tamar that Lolo, Natalie, Tom, and Kato are all talking outside and he thinks they are an alliance. Tamar tells him that Ricky is in with them too. After his chat with Tamar, Ryan goes to Dina and tells her about Tom, Kato, Lolo, and Natalie being in an alliance. He tells Dina that they need to get Kandi, Ricky, and Joey on board with aligning. She agrees. Ryan then goes to Joey about the same thing and he also agrees. Ryan tells Joey that he is worried about asking Ricky and he thinks that Dina should talk to Kandi.

Before bed, Tom and Kato talk about BD’ing Ryan if the veto gets used on one of his current noms. Tom tells him that he is still worried about Ricky, but Kato shoots down the possibility of BD’ing Ricky. However, with the POV not being played until Monday’s show, this is going to leave a lot of time for the plans to change.

If the opportunity arises, who do you think Kato should renom and try to get out of the house? Of the current noms, who do you think should be evicted on Monday night? Also, make sure you come back tonight for our live recap of tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 HOH and noms episode!

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