Another exciting blindside on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother sent another HG packing and the remaining HGs onto another HOH comp. With a new HOH in charge, we got to listen in on some chats about their nomination plans for this round. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details! 

After the live show aired, the feeds came back up for about an hour before the HOH comp took place. Lolo was feeling bad about evicting Ryan, but Tom tells her that he is sure Ryan isn’t upset with her. Natalie mentions to Lolo that she is worried about Kandi, Dina, and Tamar. Lolo thinks that because they used the POV on her that Dina is with them.

Meanwhile, Tamar tells Joey that he has about 20 more minutes to sulk, then she needs him to put his big boy pants on and play the game. Joey seems to snap out of his funk for a brief moment and tells Tamar that if they can get Kandi and Dina to join them, they only need one more to turn the votes around. They also need to win an HOH comp.

Feeds cut at around 7 PM BBT and returned just after 1 AM BBT for the HOH comp. When the feeds came back, we found Tom wearing the HOH key around his neck. A little while after the comp, Team Fun (Tom, Kato, Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky) have a chance to chat for a moment about using two of the women to BD Joey this round.

Meanwhile, Joey mentions that he is happy Tom won, but he seems to be really upset with someone else’s behavior. Joey also talked about how he runs the hairdryer as cover noise instead of running and wasting water.

Tom’s HOH room is revealed and after some of the other HGs leave, Kato and Ricky stick around to talk and have a beer. They talk about the plan for noms after Ricky tells Tom that he shouldn’t hold one on ones with all the HGs. He tells Tom that he should just stick to the plan of nominating Kandi and Tamar and BD’ing Joey. If they nominate Kandi and Tamar then they are still covered even if Joey wins the POV.

Looks like Joey is going to need to win the POV in order to make it past Saturday’s eviction. In order to do that, he needs to be lucky enough to have his name drawn. We should have the noms happening sometime today so make sure you come back a little later for those spoilers!

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