Another HG was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house last night and now there is a new HOH in power. However, the power won’t last long with the next live eviction being tomorrow night. You can catch up on our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and you can find out what the new HOH has in store for this round of Celebrity Big Brother below!

The feeds returned from the live show briefly, but the HGs were just reacting to the eviction and talking about how important it is for them to win HOH. Tom and Kato were convinced that Kato was going to win this HOH and they were going to be able to keep themselves safe. The feeds went down for the HOH comp and after just a couple hours, they returned. When they returned we found out that Tamar won the HOH!

Tamar is excited that she won and is not afraid to show it. She tells her allies that Kato and Tom had them counted out already, but she proved them wrong.

Kato and Tom are talking while playing pool and they are sure they are both being nominated this round. Tom tells Kato it would be funny if they both campaign to leave instead of campaign to stay. A little later, Kato mentions that he has accepted that he lost to Tamar (apparently Kato came in second) but the gloating from Tamar and the others is hurtful.

Meanwhile, Lolo is worried that Tamar might still be mad at her. Natalie tells Lolo that she talked to Tamar before the comp and Tamar was worried that Lolo would put her up if she won HOH, Natalie told her that she wouldn’t do that and Tamar said she wouldn’t put Lolo up either.

Tom and Kato talk about how Tamar needs to be strategic and break up the trio (Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky) but Kato thinks that Ricky and Tamar have a F2 deal. Tom thinks that Kandi can help them convince Tamar that keeping Kato and Tom can be to her benefit and mentions that he thinks it’s too soon to give up.

Tamar mentions wanting to put Kato and Tom up together so that they can’t save each other. Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky all agree with that. Tom comes into the kitchen and tells everyone that it would be good if they all smiled through the next couple of days. Ricky takes a jab at Tom and says they do when Tom isn’t in the room and Tamar tells Ricky to be a good Christian.

There is a conversation between Tom and Tamar where they are talking about things they have said and done in the house. Tamar tells Tom that she didn’t feel wronged by what Tom and Kato were doing, but she felt bullied and threatened. After the conversation is over, Tom goes to Kato and tells Kato that he doesn’t even want to be in the house anymore. Explains how he was accused of being a bully. He also tells Kato that he is done talking to Ricky for the rest of the game.

Meanwhile, Kandi is calling out Ricky for wanting to evict Kandi, but Tamar tells her that Ricky was open to her staying as well and that’s why she is still in the house. Tamar tells the group that Kato should be the next one to go. Ricky tells Tamar that Kandi was trying to help Kato win the HOH and wonders why Tamar wanted to save Kandi. Lolo jumps in on the conversation and Tamar tells her that “the Holy Ghost” told her to keep Kandi. Lolo tells them that a good man went home, but it worked out the way it was supposed to. Lolo thought that Tamar and Kandi were allies, but Tamar tells them that they are friendly. Ricky is bothered by the fact that Kandi doesn’t seem grateful for them keeping her.

It looks like Tom and Kato will be going on the block together today and if one of them come down during the live show tomorrow, Kandi might be a good renom choice. I don’t think that Tamar will actually go through with that because she is so worried about her personal relationship with her, but we shall see!

Stay tuned for the nomination ceremony results a little later today!

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