The POV Ceremony took place yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and it was not what anyone inside or outside of the house was expecting to happen. If you missed the results of the POV Ceremony, check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers for all the details or you can continue to read our Celebrity Big Brother 2019 live feeds recap below! 

It was a quiet morning in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house yesterday, not much game talk other than Natalie being nervous about what was going to happen at the POV Ceremony and Tamar pointed out that no one had seen Tom all day. This led them all to believe that Tom might be planning something.

The feeds went down at 11:25 AM BBT and when they came back up around 12:40 PM BBT, we found out that the POV was used, but not on who we thought it was going to be used on. We saw Ricky walking around with the POV around his neck from the POV ceremony. We soon found out that Tom used the POV to save Ricky from the block and renom’d Lolo in his place.

Tamar and Kandi then talk briefly about how Natalie is going to go home this round and then one of them has to win HOH. Tamar says that if she wins HOH she is nominating Ricky and Tom together. Lolo is clearly worried that she is a BD target, but Kandi tells her that Tom’s intent was not to BD her because he knows that Kandi and Dina won’t vote to evict Lolo (Natalie is their target). Kandi also adds that Tom really likes Lolo. Meanwhile, Ricky is having some mixed feelings about staying since he was sure he was going home.

There is a conversation between Natalie and Ricky where Ricky tells her not to just quit. She tells him that she doesn’t want to. She tells him that she has been playing to win and that’s not going to change now. Lolo walks into the room and she is still upset about Tom putting her up even though he said he wasn’t going to BD her. A little while later, Lolo tells Tamar that she is worried about fighting for votes against Natalie, but Tamar tells her that Natalie doesn’t have the votes anyway and Lolo is fine.

Tom spent most of the day in the HOH, a lot of the HGs thought he was hiding, but he told Dina that he was just trying to give everyone some breathing room. Natalie and Lolo have a conversation about both of them being okay with leaving, but they want to know beforehand so they aren’t surprised. Natalie also talks about how she has a husband to go home to, but Lolo doesn’t have anyone. She thinks that Lolo needs to stay over her and is okay with leaving if that means Lolo can stay and have a shot at winning.

Lolo goes back to talking about the votes and asks Ricky if she should campaign for votes. Ricky tells her that she only needs to get one vote. Meanwhile, Tamar and Natalie are talking about how Natalie is lying down for Lolo. Natalie tells Tamar that she thinks Lolo needs this more than she does. Tamar then tells Natalie to go ask Dina and Ricky who they are voting for.

Ricky, Dina, and Natalie are talking. Natalie tells Ricky and Dina that she just wants to know if she is going home or not. She tells them that she was planning on taking one for the team. She then tells them about how Tamar asked her why she should have to take one for the team. Ricky tells Natalie that he is leaning towards keeping Natalie but he wants to talk to everyone. Natalie also tells them that she doesn’t want it to go to a tiebreaker and give Tom the power to choose.

The HGs got pizza for dinner and were given a miniature bowling set to play with. They all go out to the kitchen to eat and played around with the bowling set for a couple of hours. After dinner, Natalie, Tamar, and Ricky are chatting about what to do with their votes. Ricky tells them that the only plan he can come up with is for him and Tamar to give each of them a vote and for them to let Dina and Kandi decide. Natalie tells him that Kandi already told her that she was voting her out. Natalie also mentions that she thinks she should be the one to go just because she doesn’t think that Lolo could handle it.

Natalie and Lolo have a conversation after that and Lolo asks her how she is feeling about being the one to go. Natalie tells her that she is having some mixed emotions and Lolo tells her that she doesn’t expect Natalie not to fight to stay. While they are talking, Ricky and Tamar are also talking. Ricky tells Tamar that he would rather see Natalie stay and Tamar tells him she isn’t sure. She is starting to think his idea earlier for each of them to give one a vote is probably the way to go so they don’t feel bad about it. Ricky reminds Tamar that if Lolo stays and Tamar upsets her (which she knows is pretty easy for her to do), Lolo could easily be lost. Now she is leaning towards voting Lolo out. Tamar also adds that Tom wanting Natalie out is also fueling her to vote out Lolo.

Tamar tries to talk Kandi and Dina into keeping Natalie, but they aren’t interested in this at all. Ricky then asks Kandi if Lolo and Natalie decide on their own who wants to stay and go, would Kandi vote that way. She tells him she has already made up her mind about who she is voting for. Later, Tamar and Ricky talk about how if Lolo stays, she is going to join the other side of the house, but Ricky doesn’t think Lolo has jumped shit yet.

There was a conversation between Dina and Tom about how Tamar was trying to get her and Kandi to vote to keep Natalie. Tom suggests that they should go to Lolo and tell her that her alliance is trying to get her voted out. Not only will it make her freak out, but it would give them a selling point on how to get Lolo to come work with them after Natalie leaves.

It looks like Natalie will be the first to go during tonight’s DE. That will leave Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar against Dina, Kandi, and Tom, unless Lolo jumps ship and joins Tom and his crew. As far as the second eviction for the night, I’m expecting Tom to go if Ricky, Lolo, or Tamar win HOH and Lolo to go if it’s Dina or Kandi that wins.

By the end of tonight’s DE we will have the F5 for Celebrity Big Brother 2! It is going to be an interesting night that you won’t want to miss. Make sure you come back for our Celebrity Big Brother live recap and spoilers starting at 8/7c!

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