It was a slow day on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds, but we did get the results of the final POV comp of the season! After the POV comp, there were some talks about who the target was and what they were going to do. You can get all the details of those chats right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers below!

The morning started off really slow, there wasn’t much going on except the HGs packing and getting ready for finale night. The feeds went down for the comp and when they came back up we see all the HGs sitting in the living room talking about the comp. Lolo won the final Power of Veto comp and secured her spot in the F4. She apparently had an asthma attack during the competition, but still managed to pull off the win.

Tamar is worried that she might be a BD target, but Lolo promises her that isn’t the case. Tamar mentions that Dina and Kandi have been high fiving and all excited even though they lost and it has her thinking that there was a plan that one of them would be safe because Tamar was the target all along. Lolo tells Tamar that she wouldn’t save Kandi after the conversation she had with her the night before where she told Lolo she wouldn’t take her to the end if she won final HOH.

Tamar and Ricky talk about who the target is. She wants to know who they should get rid of and Ricky tells her that’s up to Tamar and Lolo. Tamar tells him that she doesn’t like the idea of keeping Dina. She says she can’t risk Dina making it to the end and then winning. Ricky tells Tamar that Lolo is going to want Dina to stay because Dina will be someone she can win against.

Lolo talks to Ricky about what they should do. She thinks that keeping Kandi will only benefit Ricky and Tamar. Ricky mentions that Lolo could try and make a deal with Dina before the eviction and that might help her make her decision. She then asks Ricky what he will do in case of a tie and he tells her that he isn’t sure.

Later the three of them sit down and talk about what they are going to do. Lolo explains to them that Kandi is closer to them, Tamar counters that Dina is performing better in the comps and might win the final HOH. Lol tells her that she thinks Kandi is better with the events than Dina is. Lolo tells them that she would like for the three of them to agree on who stays and who goes.

These three couldn’t agree that the sky was blue. I was really hoping that one of the noms would have won the POV, that would have at least shaken things up a little but it looks like there is no chance at that now. We should have POV Ceremony sometime this afternoon and I will have spoilers for you. Otherwise, I will see you all tomorrow night for the Celerbrity Big Brother finale!

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