With Tom in the HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2, Tamar with the Power of the Publicist, and Joey and Kandi on the block, things had the potential to get pretty interesting during this POV Ceremony. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of what happened during today’s POV Ceremony and what the plan is going into Saturday’s eviction. 

Tom really wants to BD Ricky this round. He doesn’t trust Ricky at all, but Natalie and Lolo think that they should keep Ricky this week and get rid of Joey. Joey blames Lolo and Natalie for Ryan and Jonathan being evicted and Lolo is convinced that Joey will take one of them out if he stays and wins HOH. Tom isn’t happy that Natalie and Lolo are fighting them on BD’ing Ricky, but the girls don’t care.

Now that Natalie won the POV, she can make the decision on her own whether or not she is going to use the POV. According to talks inside the house prior to the POV Ceremony, Natalie wasn’t going to use it. Did she stick to the plan?

POV Ceremony Results for Round 3 are:

  • Natalie did not use the POV
  • Kandi and Joey are the final noms

So now, the burning question is, who do they save. With Team Fun no longer a thing, Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky only have to get one more person on board and they can run the house. If they choose to keep Kandi, Tamar already mentioned she would like to see Kandi stay over Joey, there’s the fourth vote. If they choose to keep Joey knowing he would be a strong competitor to have on their side, they could probably get Dina on board with their vote. Question is, which route to they go? We will have to wait and see what happens during the live eviction show on Saturday.

Who do you think they should vote out?

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