We know who the new HOH is, who the noms are and now we know who will be playing in the POV comp on Celebrity Big Brother 2! Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out who is playing in the POV on Celebrity Big Brother 2019!

There has been a lot of drama in the house over the last 24 hours with the HGs scrambling to try and figure out who has the Power of the Publicist. The Power of the Publicist allows the person with the power to remove themselves from the block one time at any of the next two nomination ceremonies or POV ceremonies. Tom has been trying to figure out who it is so he can BD them and flush it out. In doing this, he has managed to anger and already annoyed Tamar.

Most of the HGs think that Tamar has it, but Tom is convinced that it might be Ricky. Tom is hoping that either himself or one of his alliance members wins the POV so they can pull Ricky off the block and BD whoever he thinks has it at the POV Ceremony. In order for them to be able to pull this off, he needs at least a couple of alliance members playing in the POV with him to make their odds better. So, who is playing in the POV?

POV Players for Round 3 are:

  • Tom (HOH)
  • Joey and Kandi (noms)
  • Natalie, Lolo and Dina

Now that we know who is playing, what do you think of Team Fun’s chances of flushing this power out? Who do you hope wins the POV? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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