It is Power of Veto day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house! The Power of Veto players have been picked and the comp has been played on Celebrity Big Brother 2! Find out which HGs played and who won the POV comp right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

The POV Players were picked earlier today and everyone was picked to play in the POV except for Lolo. She was really hoping to be able to play in order to keep her and Natalie safe from eviction. We know that sometimes things don’t work out the way we want them too and in this case, things didn’t happen the way Lolo had hoped.

Now, the best case scenario for Natalie was for Tamar to win the POV and take Natalie off the block, however, Tamar didn’t want to do that because she knew that meant that Lolo would be renom’d in her place.

Worse case for Natalie and her piece of mind is for Tom, Dina, or Kandi to win the POV because chances are, the POV won’t be used and Natalie will be sitting next to Ricky come Friday’s live Double Eviction show. Are you ready to find out which HG won the POV?

The Power of Veto Winner for Round 5 is:

  • Tom

Well, worse case scenario for Natalie, however, Tom is still pretty set on getting Ricky out of the Celebrity Big Brother house this round. Natalie just needs to keep her head down. As for Lolo, she should also keep her head down because there is still the chance of a last second blindside and BD!

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