When the live feeds for Celebrity Big Brother 2 came back up, we found out that there was confirmation that one HG has already left the game. There aren’t many details, but keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother 2019 spoilers to get the details we do have! 

Based on conversations inside the Celebrity Big Brother house between the HGs and due to the fact that we noticed someone was missing from the house, we found out that Anthony Scaramucci is no longer in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. We are not sure why he isn’t in the house, but Tamar asked if the feeds were live and when she found out they were she mentioned how “Mooch, you tried it.” Then we heard as Jonathan was asking about why Anthony’s picture wasn’t grey if he wasn’t coming back. Ryan and Jonathan also talked about the possibility of having to renom someone to take Anthony’s place, which means it wasn’t a vote out.

I’m not sure when we will get more details about this, or if we are going to have to wait until it airs on television, but for now, the feeds are slow other than this bit of information. If I should get more information before it airs on television, I will fill you in right here! Stay tuned for more spoilers and news throughout the season!

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