Tonight we get a special two hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother which is kicking off our Celebrity Big Brother finale weekend! With that being said, there are still seven HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother house and as mentioned by Julie earlier in the week, tonight is a Double Eviction night!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted? Round 5

With that being said, we have the final nominees for eviction in place for the first eviction on Celebrity Big Brother and we all know who the target is, but if you haven’t been keeping up with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, then you don’t know that one of them has been campaigning to stay. Find out who I think will be going home first tonight on Celebrity Big Brother below! 

With Mark in the HOH and James being his BFF in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we all knew that Brandi would be the target this week and her only hope was to win the POV comp. When Ariadna, who was one of the original nominees, won the POV comp and took herself off the block, Mark renom’d Marissa in her place.

He used Marissa because he knew that the other HGs wouldn’t be tempted to vote her out over Brandi, where if he renom’d someone like Omarosa, his plan to get Brandi out could fail. So which of the final nominees for this round do I think will be voted out first tonight on Celebrity Big Brother?

I think that tonight will be the end of Brandi’s game. I think based on her track record in the house of not being very nice to James and being extremely loose lipped when she drank, she rubbed too many people the wrong way in the Celebrity Big Brother house. It’s not going to stop her fro trying though. In the last couple days, we have seen Brandi really work at trying to make deals and sway people’s votes, I just think that it’s a little too late for that.

Make sure you let me know who you think will be going home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother by voting in my poll right here!

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