After learning who won the Power of Veto last night on Celebrity Big Brother, we knew that there was going to be a renom situation. We just didn’t know who they were going to renom. It had been talked about putting Omarosa or Mark, but everyone was worried that Omarosa would be a temptation for the other HGs to vote to evict. Keep reading to find out what happened at the Celebrity Big Brother POV ceremony.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Spoilers Power of Veto Ceremony - Round 3

Things have been a little tense in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Shannon has come to terms with her being the target. The only chance she had of surviving this was winning the POV. When James won the POV, it was kind of sealed that she wasn’t going to be able to stay. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out who Shannon is up against on the block after the POV ceremony!

After the feeds were down for about an hour, the HGs were talking. Ross, Ariadna, Marissa and Brandi were all talking in the HOH about Shannon and how she is going to try and throw everyone of them under the bus between now and eviction. Lets get down to business. During this conversation we got confirmation that James saved himself with the POV and Mark was put up in his place.

What do you think about this renom? Do you think that Shannon can flip this vote and save herself? I personally think that Shannon will be walking out the door tomorrow, but this is Big Brother and anything can happen.

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