Tonight we will watch as either Mark or Shannon walk out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Which one will it be? Let me know by voting in my Celebrity Big Brother poll below. If you haven’t seen all the live feeds or heard about what’s been going on in the house, make sure you check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Who Will Be Evicted? - Round 3 (POLL)

We are always told to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to the Big Brother game. Things can go as planned, Celebrity Big Brother could pull out a twist or Shannon can pull off another flip. No matter which of the three happens, we will see one of these Celebrity Big Brother HGs walk out and greet Julie a little later tonight. Who do you think it will be?

Shannon has had several alliances in the Celebrity Big Brother house and many of them have been exposed, I’m actually surprised that her F2 deal from day one with Marissa hasn’t been brought to light yet. Shannon made herself a big target by playing the game too hard and forcing a flip vote round one that sent Chuck Liddell home and kept James in the house.

Mark is slowly making him and James a target now that their alliance is pretty obvious. However, James is a bigger target than he is so Mark’s chances of surviving this eviction are pretty good. Considering he was put up as a pawn and not a target could also work for him. However, there have been many instances where the pawn has been evicted instead of the target and Mark’s duo with James does need to be split up fast.

So which of these Celebrity Big Brother HGs will be evicted tonight on Celebrity Big Brother? Let me know what you think by voting in the poll below!

I personally think that Shannon will be going home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother. I really don’t think she has a chance of getting enough votes to save herself. The house is pretty split and I think that even if the votes came to a tie, Ariadna would vote to evict Shannon over Mark. We will see tonight on Celebrity Big Brother! Make sure you come back tonight for my Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live recap! Also, there is an endurance HOH comp happening tonight on Celebrity Big Brother!

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