Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2 we will watch as the remaining HGs compete in the next HOH competition! After an HOH is named we will find out who they nominate for eviction. If you don’t want to wait to find out who the HOH is or who was nominated, make sure you check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details. Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2019.

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2 off with the aftermath of the last eviction. Tom tells us that he needs to make friends fast and win HOH or he is going to be in trouble. Dina and Kandi are talking about if they win HOH. Dina asks Kandi who she would put up and Kandi tells her Lolo and Natalie. Kandi then goes to talk to Tom and asks him who he would put up if he won HOH. He tells her that he doesn’t think he’s going to win so he didn’t think that far ahead. She tells him that they have to split up the athletes or they are going to end up with the majority. Tom knows that’s the move, but isn’t sure he can trust Kandi.

It is time for the HOH comp! The HGs are all dressed up for a night in Vegas! Omarosa is there to host the competition. The HGs will have to get into these giant dice and they will have to walk this dice around and back to their platform with the number that matches the target number that Omarosa spins on a wheel. The first HG with the correct number will move on and the other will be eliminated.

Tom is picked first and he challenges Ricky. Tom wins and eliminates Ricky. Lolo is picked next and she challenges Tom. Tom wins and eliminates Lolo. Natalie goes next and she challenges Dina. Natalie wins and eliminates Dina. Kandi goes last and challenges Natalie and the others are not happy because they thought she was on their side and trying to get Tom out. Natalie wins and eliminates Kandi. That leaves Natalie and Tom for the last round. Tom beats Natalie and becomes the new HOH! Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky all know they are in trouble and that Tom winning HOH is the worst thing that could have happened to them.

Kandi congratulates Tom on his HOH win and is trying to convince Tom that she is on his side. Dina then goes in and talks to Tom and tells him that if she or Kandi won the HOH, they were putting Natalie and Lolo up on the block together. Meanwhile, Lolo and Natalie are talking about how Kandi picking to go up against Natalie instead of Tom shows that Kandi isn’t with them, she’s with Tom.

Tom is holding one on ones with the HGs and he is trying to negotiate with the athletes but they aren’t falling for his deal. He talks to Natalie and tells her that if she doesn’t go on the block, he just wants the same for him. He does tell her that if someone on the block wins the POV, he might have to put her up as a renom. He tells Lolo that he needs Lolo to go up as a pawn and she tells him that she is trying to trust him, but it’s been a hard couple days. Ricky comes in and Tom tells him that he wants to put Ricky on the block to give him the chance to win POV. He then tells him that if he doesn’t win POV, Tom will lobby to get him the votes to stay (Tom tells us that part was a lie). Ricky tells Tom that if Tom doesn’t put him, Lolo, or Natalie on the block this week, they will make sure that Tom gets through to the F4.

Natalie is talking to Tamar about Kandi and her working with Tom. Kandi walks in and Natalie makes an excuse that it’s too cold in the room and leaves. Kandi tells Tamar that she doesn’t understand what’s going on with Natalie. Tamar tells her that Lolo and Natalie helped save Kandi but Kandi tells Tamar that they didn’t save her, Tamar did. After this conversation, Kandi goes to talk to Tom and he tells her that he is planning to put Lolo and Ricky up, but Kandi thinks that Natalie should be up there. Tom already told Lolo that she was going up and told Natalie that she wasn’t. This is probably going to get messy.

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Tom has nominated Ricky and Natalie and tells them that he thinks they are both incredible athletes, but he knows that they are targeting him. He wishes them luck on the POV.

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