During last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2, we watched as Ryan won HOH, which made Jonathan the first nominee. Ryan then named Tom and Anthony his two noms to join Jonathan on the block. Tonight we will watch as they are joined by other HGs for the first POV of the season! If you don’t want to wait to find out who wins the POV and what they do with it, you can get the spoilers right here! Otherwise, keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s Power of Veto comp on Celebrity Big Brother 2019.

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the HGs reacting to the nominees. Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar were expecting Dina and Anthony to be on the block, but Lolo noticed that Jonathan gave Ryan a look before he named his noms. She thinks that Jonathan is the one who made Ryan change his mind last minute, she isn’t wrong. You can tell that Jonathan is starting to really rub the first the wrong way. While they are all talking in the gym, he just pops in at random. After he leaves the room, Tamar and Lolo start talking about getting rid of Jonathan since he is already on the block. Natalie thinks it’s too soon to take out one of their own alliance members.

Natalie and Lolo have a F2 and they go into the room and start talking about a name for their F2, but Tamar is in the room. This causes a bit of tension between the three of them, but it is diffused quickly. Tamar is upset that they have a F2, but she is taking it a day at a time and seeing how it plays out. Meanwhile, Lolo is kind of upset with Ryan turning his back on her and teaming up with Jonathan without including her in their plan.

Ryan and Jonathan start to realize this everytime one of them walks in the room, they start talking. Ryan thinks that it’s him, but it’s Jonathan more than it is Ryan. Ryan can fix it very easily. While Jonathan and Ryan are in the kitchen, Lolo walks through and says “look at the F2” and then points to their pictures on the memory wall and flips them off. Ryan and Jonathan are shocked about this and not very happy about it either.

It is time to pick players for the POV players to be picked! Ryan, Anthony, Tom, and Jonathan are up there and Ryan is picking the chips. The first one he picks is Ricky and the second one he picks is Joey. That means that Ricky and Joey will join the three noms and HOH in the comp. In this comp, they will be rocking on a horse and once they rock back and forth 60 times to build up their timer, they will then go and stack gold bars on a rotating horseshoe.

Ryan is doing really well, but then his gold bars fall off his horseshoe and he has to start over. Jonathan is doing great too, but he meets the same fate when all his gold bars fall off as well. Tom’s gold bricks also fall leaving Ricky in the lead. Ricky does manage to win the POV, but he isn’t happy about it. He didn’t want that kind of target on his back.

After the comp, we get a look at a conversation between Tamar and Kandi. This gives us an idea of the issues that they had before getting into the house. They apparently went on tour together with Kandi’s group Xscape. Tamar was going through a lot in her life at the time of the tour and Tamar felt like Kandi disrespected her by talking about things she had no business talking about. Kandi laughs it off, which just upsets Tamar even more. Tamar gets really emotional in the DR right after this conversation.

Ryan asks Ricky if he can talk to him for a minute. Ryan tells Ricky that he thinks that there is an alliance with the girls. He is trying to get Lolo on the block, but he needs Ricky to use the Veto. Ryan tells Ricky that if he used the Veto, he might put Lolo up as a renom and Ricky tells him he will think about it. Meanwhile, Tamar wants to try and talk to Kandi again, but it goes just as good as the first time.

Ricky goes to Lolo about the conversation with Ryan. He tells us that everyone in the house has a low tolerance for stress and if everyone stays stressed, his chances of winning are better. Lolo is upset about this plan and when Tamar comes in the room she is still complaining about Kandi when Lolo tells her to stop for a minute because they have a problem. Kandi comes in while they are talking about Ryan’s pitch to Ricky and Tamar diffuses the situation with Kandi and they hug it out. For now.

We end the episode off with the POV Ceremony. Ricky has decided not to use the POV and tells them that he isn’t using it because no one came to him with a good enough offer. He didn’t think it was worth getting blood on his hands. No one up there was worth saving to him.

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