Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2 we will watch as the HGs compete in the next HOH competition! If you can’t wait to find out who won the HOH this round of Celebrity Big Brother 2019, you can get the details right here! After we find out who wins the HOH, we will find out which HGs are nominated for eviction. I also have that information here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! You can also keep reading to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2!

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2 off with a look at the aftermath of Jonathan being voted out of the house. Ryan is not happy at all about it. Meanwhile, Lolo, Natalie, Ricky, and Tamar are talking about who voted for Kandi. Tamar told them that Dina voted for Kandi and Ricky tells her that wasn’t smart on Dina’s part. Tamar doesn’t understand how that wasn’t smart on her part and Ricky tried to explain to her that she went against the rest of the house. Tamar claims to be a superfan, but I’m not sure she has ever watched Big Brother.

It is time for the HOH comp! It is called Rock Til You Drop! It’s very simple, the HGs are standing on a wall and they have to hold on the longest! The first HG to fall is Tom and then Kandi right after. Ricky was the third one down followed by Tamar who is afraid to jump on her own. She tells everyone that she can’t jump because she is afraid of heights. After crying, scream, and being coached by the other HGs, she is able to jump.

Dina then tells us that she was freezing up there and her body was shaking and they show her jump down. Joey is complaining about being cold but holding on strong. Meanwhile, Lolo tells us that her shoulder is ready to pop and then jumps down. Joey falls while he was trying to readjust, but Kato makes a deal with him right before. Natalie and Kato make a deal and she jumps which makes Kato the next HOH!

Ryan goes to talk to Kato and tells him that if he doesn’t put Ryan up on the block, he will align with him. He is one of the most athletic ones in the house, but Kato knows he is a huge target. Meanwhile, Tamar and Natalie are in the bathroom talking and Natalie is trying to convince Tamar that she isn’t in trouble. Tamar isn’t buying it.

Kato is talking to Tom and Ricky, Ricky asks Kato who he is thinking about nominating and Kato tells him, Tamar because she is messy and causes a lot of drama in the house. He was thinking about Ryan but also mentioned Dina because she made comments during the HOH that lead him to believe she was coming after him. Natalie and Lolo were up chatting late one night and when they went into the room to go to bed, Tamar was up waiting for them. She was questioning what they were doing and tells us that she doesn’t think that they are playing an honest game with her. Lolo tells us that Tamar wanted to talk game but she was tired and couldn’t do it. Tamar does know that she can leave the bedroom and talk to people, right?

Here comes the fight between Tamar and Lolo! The feeds went down for nine hours after this happened and we had no idea why. After the screaming match that almost turned physical, Lolo apologizes for approaching the situation wrong and letting it escalate the way it did.

It is time for the nomination ceremony! The first nominee is Tamar and the second is Dina. He tells Dina that he didn’t appreciate him rooting against him during the HOH. He tells Tamar that she has mentioned that she wants to go home so many time, she cuts him off and tells him she never said that. He tells her that she mentioned that she doesn’t clean, she tells him that she cooks and she isn’t the maid. He ends his speech and neither of the HGs appreciated what he had to say. Dina called his speech lame.

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