Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2, we will watch as the HOH and noms are joined by three more HGs in a live POV comp. Once a winner is crowned, we will watch as they decide whether or not they will use the POV to save one of the noms. The Celebrity Big Brother 2019 HGs will then decide which of the following noms they want to send home during the live vote and eviction. Keep refreshing this page and reading my Celebrity Big Brother live recap to get the details! 

We started tonight’s episode off with the reactions from the nomination ceremony. Tamar is really upset about Kato’s nomination ceremony because he mentioned her son. Lolo asks if she is okay, Tamar tells her that she was fine being put on the block, but no one in that house knows her struggle with her son. She mentions that her son is off limits to everyone in that house.

Tamar goes up to the HOH to talk to Kato about his nomination speech. She tells him that she felt personally attacked, but he tells her that it wasn’t personal and he didn’t want it to come off that way. He then tells her that him mentioning her son was nothing but a positive, he didn’t mean it in a negative way. She tells him that she appreciates that he said that and admits that she may have taken what he said the wrong way.

Later, Kato, Lolo, and Tom are talking about their alliance and their F4 deal, Lolo tells us she is nervous that this one will fall apart like the last one. Kato wants to solidify their F4 so he tells Lolo and Natalie that his real plan is to BD Ryan. Natalie and Lolo are excited about this plan. While they are talking, right after Tom asks “what happens when Ryan wins the veto?” Ryan pops his head out and says hi to the four of them.

Ryan then goes inside and tells Joey about the four of them outside talking and tells Joey that they can’t trust any of them because they are gunning for Ryan. The next day, Kato is cornered in the Storage Room by Ryan and Joey. Ryan tells Kato that he really needs him to be honest with him and he asks Kato if they have to worry. Kato admits to them that it’s up to the veto and there is a possibility that they could end up on the block. The POV comp is coming up next!

Kato, Tamar, Dina, Natalie, Tom, and Joey are all playing in this POV comp! The comp is called Worldwide Roll Out. They will be rolling balls on a platform, whoever’s ball lands in the highest number will win. Tom rolls a 35, Dina rolls a 0, Kato rolls a 15, Natalie rolls a 0, Tamar rolls a 35 and Joey rolls a 25. Tamar and Tom then have to roll another ball and whoever gets the higher number will win. Tom rolls a 70 and Tamar rolls a 45 which makes Tom the winner of the POV!

It is time for the POV Ceremony. Tom has decided that he wants to use the POV and he chooses to take Dina off the block. Kato then decides to put Ryan up on the block in her place. The live vote and eviction is coming up next!

It is time for the live vote and here is how the votes fell on Celebrity Big Brother 2:

  • Joey – Tamar
  • Tom – Ryan
  • Lolo – Ryan
  • Dina – Ryan
  • Kandi – Ryan
  • Ricky – Ryan
  • Natalie – Ryan

With 6 votes, Ryan has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Stay tuned for the HOH comp results coming up later tonight!

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