Tonight we will watch as an entire week of Celebrity Big Brother 2 plays out in just one hour! We will find out who the new HOH is, who they nominated, we will watch as the POV plays out live and then we will watch as the POV Ceremony happens. After the final noms are in place on Celebrity Big Brother 2019, we will watch as the remaining HGs vote to evict another HG. Keep reading to get all the details! 

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother off with a look at the HGs after Joey was evicted from the house. Tom is talking about how this is what he wanted, but he was expecting to be the tiebreaker. He said it was like a blindside in his favor. We get a look at what happened prior to the live show, Tamar had a change of heart and decided that keeping Kandi would be best for her. Natalie and Lolo didn’t have a problem with that, but Kandi is not acting grateful to them for keeping her. She is actually acting like she is in an alliance of some kind with Tom and Kato.

It is time for the HOH comp! In this HOH comp, the HGs will have to answer questions about magazine covers. They will be competing in pairs and whoever answers the question correctly will eliminate their opponent and the last HG standing will win the HOH. The first two going up are Ricky and Tamar and Ricky answers incorrectly and is eliminated. Tamar picks Kato and Kandi to go next and Kato wins this round and eliminates Kandi. Kato chooses Lolo and Natalie to go next and Lolo eliminates Natalie. Lolo chooses Kato and Dina to go next. Dina answers incorrectly and eliminates herself. Tamar and Lolo go next and Tamar answers correctly and eliminates Lolo. Tamar goes up against Kato in the final round and Tamar rings in first with the correct answer! Tamar wins the HOH!

It is time for the nomination ceremony. Tamar nominates Kato and Tom for eviction. Tamar tells them both that they are threats in this game and it isn’t personal, it’s game. After the nomination ceremony, Tamar, Dina, and Kandi are talking about who Tamar would renom if Kato or Kato come down. Tamar thinks that Natalie is the best renom choice.

It is time for the POV comp! Tamar, Tom, Kato, Dina, Kandi, and Lolo are all competing in this comp. They are watching an act on stage by Gallagher and are told to pay close attention because details from this act are going to be important if they want to win the POV! It is now time for the POV Players to answer questions based on Gallagher’s performance. The HG with the most points after 7 questions will win the POV

  1. Everyone gets a point
  2. Tamar, Lolo, Dina, and Kandi get a point
  3. Everyone gets a point
  4. Kato, Tamar, Lolo, Dina, and Kandi get a point
  5. Kato, Lolo, and Tamar get a point (Tamar and Lolo are tied with 5)
  6. Lolo gets a point and takes the lead
  7. Kato, Tom, Lolo, and Kandi get a point

Lolo wins the POV! It was then time for the live POV Ceremony and Lolo decided not to use the POV. Which means that Tom and Kato were final noms. Before the vote, Julie told the HGs that the power that was in play has now expired! It is now time for the live vote and eviction! Here are how the votes landed:

  • Ricky – Kato
  • Kandi – Kato
  • Dina – Kato (it’s official Kato has been evicted)
  • Lolo – Kato
  • Natalie – Kato

With another unanimous vote, Kato has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house! Make sure you come back a little later tonight for our HOH spoilers and find out which of the HGs win the power!

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