It is the Celebrity Big Brother 2019 premiere night and in just a few moments all 12 of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 HGs will be moving into the house! Make sure you refresh the page below to get all the details of what happens in the first part of a two-night premiere of Celebrity Big Brother right here! Are you ready? I know I am! 

We start tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother off with a look at the first group of celebrities. Ryan Lochte, Natalie Eva Marie, Tom Green, Lolo Jones, Kato Kaelin, and Tamar Braxton are the first group of HGs to enter the house. Also, just want to note that Tamar was the first one through the doors of the house. The first 6 HGs to enter are walking around getting to know the house and their housemates.

It is time to meet the final six celebrities on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 cast. Joey Lawrence, Dina Lohan, Jonathon Bennett, Kandi Burruss, Ricky Williams, and Anthony Scaramucci. When they get on the stage, they are told that there are already six HGs in the house. When they get inside, they get to meet the other group of HGs and they mingle a bit before exploring the house. After exploring the house a bit, they all meet up in the living room to toast.

This season is going to start with a Celebrity Power Pair. Which means that they will be competing in this first HOH in pairs. They are told to go out to the backyard for the first HOH comp of the season! There are only going to be five pairs competing though which means that two people will have to sit out. Ryan’s name is drawn, he picks Jonathon. Jonathon then picks Tamar to pick the next partner and she picks Kandi to work with. Lolo and Tom are partnered together, Ricky and Joey are partnered and Dina and Mooch are paired together. Meaning that Kato and Natalie Eva Marie were not picked which means they are not competing, however, that also means they are safe from being evicted.

The teams are:

  • Ryan and Jonathon
  • Tamar and Kandi
  • Lolo and Tom
  • Joey and Ricky
  • Dina and Anthony (“Mooch”)

In this competition, the HGs will be transferring champagne from a fountain to their partner’s glass and then into a giant champagne glass. However, their swings that they are sitting on aren’t moving. After some time of trying to swing, Ryan realizes that they have to swing slower to get moving. They are able to start transferring champagne from Ryan’s glass to Jonathon’s glass and then into the giant champagne glass on the other side. Tamar and Kandi are not able to get things going at all. This competition is going to take a good amount of time to complete. Not to mention, only one of the winning duo will become HOH and we still have to see how that is determined.

Ryan and Jonathon and Lolo and Tom are neck and neck in the competition, but Ryan and Jonathon end up winning in the end. Which one of them will end up being HOH? We are about to find out! After this commercial break.

The next big twist of the night. Ryan and Jonathon will be battling against each other and whoever wins will be the first HOH, however, the other one will be the first nominee of the season. Who will it be? We will find out the first HOH, first nom, and the other two noms tomorrow night! Wednesday night will be the first POV comp of the season and then Friday will be the first live eviction of the season. Are you ready?

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