The Celebrity Big Brother 3 live feeds kicked off last night and we were able to get some information about what’s been going on in the house. The information included who won the Power of Veto, what happened at the POV Ceremony, and which houseguest is likely going to be voted out tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds on Thursday night right here!

When the feeds kicked on, Chris Kirkpatrick and Miesha were in the Lounge, and Shanna and Mirai were talking in the Storage Room. Kirkpatrick and Miesha were talking about the upcoming eviction and the votes which lead me to believe that the POV and POV Ceremony had already happened. They then start debating who might be better to keep around, Teddi or Mirai.

Meanwhile, Todrick and Teddi are talking in the gym about some things that took place since the POV Ceremony. Todrick seems to have gotten himself into some hot water with his multiple alliances already. He is telling Teddi how he ended up in an alliance with Meisha and an alliance with Teddi and the others. During this conversation, Teddi had joked that Todrick was going to kick her out of the house. Todrick came back with it’s not him kicking her out, it’s Miesha. Teddi then asks if he isn’t going to vote her out then, but he responds that he likely will be.

At this point, we knew that Teddi and Mirai were on the block together, but we were still trying to figure out who won the POV. During other conversations, it was mentioned a few times that Carson got a time of 3m54s, but we didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad this without any other context. Later, it was said that Carson crushed the POV Comp and that his winning it forced Miesha to renom someone (Teddi) when she didn’t want to.

Throughout the night, Teddi talked about how frustrating it is for her to be backdoored and not have a chance to fight in the game. The HGs spent a lot of time just hanging out and chatting. Teddi did go over the votes a bit with Shanna and has realized that she probably doesn’t have much of a chance to stay. Lamar told Miesha that he will vote whatever way she wants him to. There was also some chatter about Kirkpatrick leaving the house the day before, but no indication as to why.

We also learned that nothing has happened with the curse of the Mon Won hat yet and no one knows what that will be. The only thing we know for sure is that someone is going home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother and it might not be one of the two HGs sitting on the block together!

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