Sunday started off pretty quiet inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house with the houseguests spending a lot of time lounging and napping. Throughout the day, there were talks about the Power of Veto Competition and when that might take place, however, it looks like it will play out live tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. There was some plotting going on later in the day and you can get all the details of that here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

Chris Kirkpatrick spent a lot of the day yesterday wondering and worrying about what he is going to do if Mirai ends up winning the Power of Veto. He talked to Shanna at great length about it and for a little while it sounded like Cynthia could be the renom, but he is worried that the votes might send her out. During this conversation, Shanna also talked about how Miesha is rude and has no social game. She adds that she will do her best to work with her because she knows Kirkpatrick wants to, but Miesha is just not a nice person. Ultimately, Shanna takes this back and says that she was just heated.

Kirkpatrick late talks to Carson and voices his concern about putting Cynthia up if Mirai comes down. He tells Carson that he doesn’t want any blindsides or backdoors this week. He just wants to get his target out and hopes that she doesn’t win the POV. He also tells Carson that keeping him and Cynthia in the house is better for his game. He tells Carson that his alliance will expect him to put up Cynthia if Mirai comes down, but they will likely vote her out over Chris Kattan. Kirkpatrick later tells Shanna that he hopes that Miesha and Todrick honor their word and keep Cynthia if he has to put her up. Shanna says there is definitely no way he can put Carson up because they will definitely vote him out.

Todrick talked to Miesha a little later and tells her that if he wins the Power of Veto he wouldn’t use it and would keep noms the same. He also tells Miesha that he told Mirai that already. Miesha asks him who he would put up if Mirai goes home and then he wins HOH and he says probably, Kattan and Carson. He says that if Kattan ends up going home though he would probably put Carson and Todd or Carson and Lamar. They later talked to Kirkpatrick and both promised him that if they win Veto, the noms will stay the same and they will vote out Mirai. That didn’t stop them from trying to talk him into putting Carson up if Mirai wins Veto though. At one point Kirkpatrick does tell them that he would consider Carson as a backdoor option, however, he didn’t seem to really mean that.

Cynthia told Carson and Shanna that if she should win HOH, Miesha is her target. The houseguests started going to bed rather early last night, but there was a conversation between Todrick and Mirai last night before lights out. During this talk, it really seemed that Mirai was just done with this game. She had told Kirkpatrick earlier that she was emotionally exhausted and it definitely showed in this conversation. Todrick does try to encourage her to keep fighting.

Tonight we will find out if Mirai will remain the target or if she can pull off a win at the Power of Veto Competition. If she does win and stays, Kattan will become the new target, but I’m not sure that using Cynthia as a renom will be in Kirkpatrick’s best interest. I think that Cynthia was spot on when she suggested Lamar as a renom because that would give them enough votes to get Kattan out instead of whoever is next to him on the block.

Make sure you come back later tonight for my live recap as we watch the POV unfold and then the second houseguest will be voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house!

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