Another Eviction Day has come and gone and another Head of Household has been named in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house. If you missed who was evicted on last night’s episode or the Head of Household Competition as it played out on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds, check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

After the HOH competition ended and the feeds came back up, we watched as the houseguests rotated through the showers and ate dinner.

As we know, Carson won the Head of Household for Round 4. Carson confirmed with Cynthia that he had to make a deal with Todrick to win the HOH. He says that it’s fine though because he wasn’t planning on putting him up anyway. 

Todrick talked to Shanna after and said that Carson promised not to put him up or backdoor him, but he’s worried that Carson would lie about that just to win. Shanna tells him she doesn’t think that Carson would lie about that. Talks turn to Todrick wondering what Chris Kirkpatrick thought of his goodbye message.

Carson, Cynthia, and Carson celebrate in the back bedroom, and then Carson confirms that he is definitely putting Miesha up. He adds that he is going to use the same line Miesha used on him when she nominated him. Shanna tells him that seeing Shanna’s picture on the memory wall at the Nomination Ceremony will be the highlight of the game. Carson later says that he would probably put Todd on the block next to Miesha because he came at Cynthia the other day.

Miesha talked to Todrick later and told him that it all comes down to the Veto. If she doesn’t win the Veto, she will go home this round. Todrick wonders if Carson would honor his deal and Miesha thinks that he will. Miesha says they have to win the Veto and then Carson can’t play in the next HOH. Todrick says that if Miesha was able to play in this comp, she would have won.

Todrick later talks to Carson and Carson confirms that their deal is solid. Todrick worries to him that if Lamar wins the Veto and takes down one of the nominees if he will be backdoored. Carson says he doubts that will happen but he will give him a heads up if that happens.

Todd talks to Miesha and tells her that he knows he will be on the block. He also thinks that he will be voted out in a tie situation, but Miesha tells him that’s not the case. Miesha tells Todd that Todrick made a deal with Carson and Todd is disappointed in that because now it means that they will definitely be on the block.

Lamar and Todd talk and Lamar learns about the deal between Todrick and Carson. Todd tells Lamar that he thinks as long as Miesha is on the block next to one of them, that they will be okay.

Carson tells Shanna that he is prepared to break a tie and send Miesha out. He also tells Shanna that he did not promise Todrick that he wouldn’t backdoor him.

When Carson had his HOH reveal, all the houseguests except for Miesha attended. Miesha asked Todrick about when he came downstairs.

Some light chatter took place after the HOH reveal and then the lights went out for bed. Nominations will be today and as of now, it sounds like it will be Miesha and Todd on the block. Be on the lookout for spoilers later!

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