What a chaotic day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house as alliances shifted very late in the game and one houseguest seems to have been left on their own. The Nomination Ceremony took place inside the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 house and an elaborate plan was put into place. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened!

The morning started off pretty normal. Carson, Lamar, Cynthia, and Shanna talked about how Miesha and Todd would go on the block. Todd would be a pawn and he wants Miesha to go this round. He confirms to them that he made a deal with Todrick so he can’t go up initially and if he wins the Veto, he needs to keep the noms the same.

After Lamar leaves, Carson pulls Todrick in to talk to him with Cynthia and Shanna. They offer him a F4 if he lets Miesha go this round. He admits to them that he knows he would lose against Miesha if he is sitting next to her in F2.

Todrick then goes to talk to Miesha and tells her about the offer that Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna made to him. Todrick is wondering why Carson would be adding terms to the agreement that they made. After talking for a while about their options, Todrick decides to go talk to Cynthia and see if he can pull her over to their side.

Todrick tells Cynthia that Shanna came to him and told him that Carson is the biggest threat to her and was throwing them all under the bus. Cynthia tells Todrick that this is something she thinks Carson needs to know all of this. Lamar joined the conversation and Todrick wondered if Miesha didn’t put Shanna up because they are working together. Lamar doesn’t think that is true at all. Lamar thinks that Shanna has definitely been with Carson in this game. Todrick tells them that if Kirkpatrick didn’t go on the block, he knows that Shanna would have voted Carson out.

Todrick then brought Miesha into the conversation to get her help working on Cynthia and Lamar. Miesha goes in and tells them that Shanna was working with them and used to tell them that Carson and Cynthia didn’t include her in on plans. Cynthia tells them that Shanna is in their alliance and has claimed to them that she has tried to talk to Miesha and didn’t get anywhere. The conversation then turned to Miesha and Todrick accusing Shanna of walking around half-naked to try and influence Lamar and using her body as gameplay.

They then bring Carson into the conversation and catch him up to speed. Carson is surprised by all of this and Miesha throws in that Shanna was in a F4 with her, Todrick, and Kirkpatrick. Todrick then reiterated that Shanna was planning to vote Carson out last round (keep in mind that Shanna used the Veto on Carson, how was she going to vote him out?). Miesha says that Shanna only saved him to benefit her own game. Mentions that her reason for saving him was to have someone else in the game that could win competitions.

Cynthia has fallen for what Miesha and Todrick said, hook, line, and sinker. Carson is still processing the information and wonders what he should do about noms now. Miesha suggests that he still put her on the block with a pawn so they can backdoor Shanna. She says that if Shanna isn’t on the block, she isn’t guaranteed to play in the Veto. They will just have to hope that she is the one person not picked.

Carson goes to talk to Shanna and Shanna is shocked by all of this information. She tells him that she has told them everything from the beginning. He asks her to come up to the HOH to talk and Cynthia joins them. After talking for a bit, Shanna gets upset and tells them that if they believe everything that Miesha and Todrick are telling them, then put her up. She leaves the room and Todrick comes in. Carson tells them that he is going to look bad if he puts Shanna up after she just saved him (not to mention, she voted out her #1 to keep Cynthia in the house also).

Carson goes to check on Shanna again a little later and she reminds him how she saved him with the veto and voted to keep Cynthia. She says that she doesn’t trust Todrick and has told them everything. She tells him that she told Cynthia yesterday that Todrick and Miesha were going to try and come between them and now it’s happening.

Feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony, when they came back up, Shanna asks Cynthia if she could talk to her. Before Cynthia went to talk to Shanna, she asks Todrick if Shanna knew that she and Carson were going on the block last week and Todrick tells her that she did. Cynthia goes to talk to Shanna and asks her if she knew that they were going up and she denies it. She said that she had a feeling that it would be a combination of her, Cynthia, and Carson, but wasn’t sure with of the three of them were going up.

Cynthia and Shanna wrap up their conversation and Cynthia heads out to the kitchen and tells everyone that Shanna basically told her that everything Todrick is saying is a lie. Cynthia talked to Lamar a little later and tells him that Shanna is denying everything. She just wants Shanna to admit to it. She tells Lamar that she was told that Shanna knew that she and Carson were going up last round and didn’t tell them. Lamar asks her who put them on the block? She says Miesha, but she isn’t understanding what Lamar is getting at.

Todrick and Miesha agree that if Shanna does manage to win the Veto that Todd should be the one voted out. Meanwhile, Cynthia and Carson are talking upstairs and Cynthia doesn’t think that Todrick and Miesha would make all of this up just to win a game. Carson says that he is starting to trust Miesha and Cynthia agrees that she doesn’t think that they are lying. Cynthia adds that her saving them last week doesn’t offset all the lies she has told them.

Miesha and Todrick talk about how they can get Shanna out this week and then get Carson out next week. After that, they should have a clear path to the end. Todrick tells Miesha that he is definitely worried about a F4 with Carson and Cynthia. Miesha admits that they will do better without them.

Carson goes to talk to Shanna and tells her that this is still just a game and he doesn’t want her to feel isolated. She ended up joining Cynthia and Carson in the HOH last night for some small talk.

It sounds like Carson and Cynthia are both on board with BD’ing Shanna this round, but there is still time for Shanna to convince them that she isn’t who Todrick and Miesha are making her out to be. We did get confirmation that Miesha and Todd were put on the block during the Nomination Ceremony. Tonight we will watch the HOH and Nomination Ceremony plays out and then tomorrow we will watch as another houseguest is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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