The Houseguests had a busy day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house as they prepare for a Double Eviction they know nothing about. In the midst of the madness, the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests took the time to celebrate Cynthia’s birthday with her. Keep reading to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

The houseguests were slow to get out of bed yesterday and there was a lot of napping going on around the house until the Nomination Ceremony took place. When the feeds came back up from the Nomination Ceremony, we found out that Lamar and Todd were put on the block.

There was some more downtime and a lot of card playing and the feeds went down again, but this time for almost two hours. When the feeds went down, we assumed that it was for Cynthia’s birthday celebration that she had been talking about. However, when the feeds came back up, the Veto Medallion was on the table. We find out that Todd won the Power of Veto Competition and will now be able to save himself at the Veto Ceremony.

Todrick and Miesha talked a little later about who should be the one to go this round, Todd or Lamar. They have apparently forgotten that Todd has won the Veto or they think they can talk him into not using it. Todrick I think is just doing some wishful thinking because he really doesn’t want to have to nominate Cynthia so close to her birthday.

Big Brother sent sushi, birthday cake, candles, little birthday hats, and wine for Cynthia’s birthday celebration. The houseguests all sing happy birthday and sit down for a small celebration.

Later, Todd talks to Lamar and tells him that if he wins the next HOH, he plans to nominate Miesha and Todrick and one of them will go. Todd asked Lamar if he wanted him to vote him out this round or if he wanted to stay. Lamar is confused because he doesn’t put together that Todd will be voting when he uses the Veto on himself.

Miesha and Todrick wonder if they are on the block together, who Cynthia would vote to evict. Miesha thinks that it will be her. Todd and Cynthia had a chat about who they would vote for in the end. Cynthia says that if it’s between Todrick and Miesha, she would vote for Todrick over Miesha. However, she would vote for Todd over Todrick if he made it to F2.

Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother, we will watch the HOH and Nomination Ceremony play out starting at 8 PM EST. Then tomorrow we will have a special two-hour double eviction episode where either Cynthia or Lamar will be voted out and then the F4 will go on to play in an HOH, POV, have a POV Ceremony, and then vote again! That will leave us with the F3 going into Finale Night.

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