We are in the final days of Celebrity Big Brother 3, but there is still plenty of game to be played. If you haven’t been keeping up with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you check those out and get all caught up. Otherwise, keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother 2022 live feeds recap to find out what happened inside the house on Sunday.

The first bit of game talk we got was between Todrick and Cynthia. Todrick was telling Cynthia that he is going to protect her and that she will not be going home. He even makes a comment that she doesn’t even have to pack unless it’s a double eviction (it is). He tells her that he guarantees her safety and Cynthia tells Todrick that if it comes down to him and Miesha in F2, he would get her vote (she might feel differently if she talks to Carson first).

After his talk with Cynthia, he talks to Miesha and they start thinking about the number of HGs still in the house compared to the number of days left. They realize that there has to be a Double Eviction coming.

There was a conversation later between Todd and Todrick where Todrick was trying to convince Todd again not to use the Veto. Todd tells him that he doesn’t trust he won’t go home if he is still sitting on the block on Monday night. He says there is no way he isn’t using the Veto on himself. Todrick then asks Todd to vote Lamar off with Miesha. Todd tells him that he isn’t going to do that either. He is going to tie the vote and force Todrick to send Lamar out. Todrick mentions that is just going to make another person pissed at him, Todd doesn’t care. After taking a few minutes to mull it over, he does go back to Todrick and confirms he is using the Veto on himself at the Veto Ceremony.

Miesha then talks to Todrick and wonders if they should keep Lamar but Todrick doesn’t want to do that. He tells Miesha that he has already promised Cynthia that she wouldn’t be going. He also tells Miesha that if she wasn’t there, he would have taken Cynthia to F2 with him. She tells him that he would lose to her in F2 but he says he would have a better chance at winning against her than Todd.

Miesha made a comment to Todrick later that she expects to beat Todrick in F2 by one vote (5-4) but they don’t realize that Kattan isn’t going to be voting.

In another conversation, Todrick tells Miesha that if they were able to get Todd out this round, it would have been an easy ride to F2. Miesha tells Todrick that Todd asked her to shake on keeping him safe if he stayed on the block, but she is worried about making that promise if they don’t intend to follow through. Todrick makes a comment about how he thinks that they have played a clean game up until this point.

Todd later tells Miesha that he plans to force a tie and make Todrick vote Lamar out. I hope that Miesha doesn’t use this information to get Cynthia out, but she does seem to want to honor Todrick’s deal with Cynthia.

We will find out for sure what happens tonight on Celebrity Big Brother when not one, but two houseguests get evicted! Make sure you join me at 9 PM EST for my live recap!

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