It was a busy day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house with the houseguests being surprised by a Double Eviction show last night. We ended the night with the Final 3 Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests left inside. Read on to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from after the live show right here with our live feeds recap.

After Lamar and Todd were evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house and the live feeds came back up, we heard Todrick tell Miesha that the two biggest threats in the house were able to maneuver their way to the F3. He also talked about how Lamar wouldn’t talk to Todrick for the last two days, but they were able to iron things out before he left (not according to Lamar’s Instagram post last night). Todrick says that even though people are mad at them, they have to respect the gameplay. All they did was play the game the way it was meant to be played. Todrick is also worried about America voting in case of a tie. He says that he doesn’t know what everyone has seen.

Miesha talked about being shocked that she is in F3. She says that after she won the first HOH, she thought for sure that she was going to be targeted and taken out. Cynthia tells her that people were targeting her, she was just able to play the game well.

Todrick continues to worry about what people watching think about him. He says that people at home could think he’s the most annoying player to ever play the game. He doesn’t know what kind of edit he is getting (based on what a lot of live feeders are saying, he is still annoying regardless of his edit).

It was overall a quiet night with the F3 settling in for the night. It will likely be a quiet day today also with not much gameplay left to talk about. The Celebrity Big Brother finale begins Wednesday night at 8 PM EST. Make sure you tune in to find out if Miesha, Todrick, or Cynthia go on to win CBBUS3 and which houseguest will take home the America’s Favorite Houseguest title!

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