It was the final day of live feeds inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 and as it usually is at the end of the season, it was a pretty slow day. The Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests spent a lot of time reflecting on the season. Find out what happened inside the Celebrity Big Brother house on Wednesday and make sure you catch up on our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers before tonight’s finale!

We started the day with Todrick pacing around the house practicing his F2 speech while Cynthia and Miesha were sleeping. He was mumbling pretty quietly, so I couldn’t really make out what he was saying. The parts I do hear talk about how he came into the house ready to backstab and manipulate his way into one of the F2 chairs, but when he met everyone his plan shifted. He talks about how he had a hand in every eviction throughout the season but was never the target.

Todrick asked Cynthia a little later why she was so hesitant to take the F3 deal that he offered her after Carson left? She told him that she didn’t even know a F3 deal was a thing because she had only heard of people having F2s. She also told him that she didn’t want to be a third-wheel and also didn’t expect to be staying in the house regardless of who she was working with, so she didn’t take it seriously.

Todrick also talked to Cynthia and Miesha about how he was the only one who had to break a tie this season. He talked about trying to get Todd to not use the veto so that they could keep the noms the same. Cynthia says that everything played out the way it was supposed to. She also mentioned that she knew that Todd was voting to evict her because Lamar was his friend and she told him to vote that way. She added that if anything she was worried about how Miesha was going to vote because she thought that Miesha would vote her out for sure.

Later, Todrick worried to Cynthia about whether or not he will have the votes to win against Miesha. He is worried that Shanna convinced the jurors not to vote for him, but Cynthia doesn’t think that Shanna had a leg to stand on in that argument. Cynthia tells him that she thinks that Todd, Lamar, and Teddi will all vote for Todrick over Miesha. They talk about potential other votes and he seems pretty confident that he can get at least two other votes.

After some downtime, the F3 were sitting in the kitchen talking and Cynthia tells them that Shanna and Kirkpatrick said that Todrick wasn’t a good person. Miesha thinks that is one of the worst things you can say about a person. Cynthia said that she doesn’t understand why they would say something like that.

Todrick reminded Miesha that the feeds go off Wednesday morning, which also confirmed it for us.

Later on, Todrick tells Miesha that he was looking at the memory wall and reflecting on everything he did to each HG on the wall. He admits to Miesha that he doesn’t think anyone is going to vote for him. He says that he isn’t sure what any of them think about Miesha, but they all seemed to be more pissed at him than at her. He says that it gives him anxiety to think about what Shanna and Chris told the rest of the jury members. Todrick also claimed that he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and didn’t even exaggerate that much when it came to the Shanna situation.

Todrick, Cynthia, and Miesha talked about how Shanna left the house and how she acted poorly in the moment. Todrick says that he hopes she realizes that she was wrong and asks the fans for forgiveness. Todrick also pointed out several times throughout the day that he is a superfan of the show and he says that people don’t like it when the feeds and show start on the same day. He says that no one wants to watch the houseguests get to know each other…

Cynthia talked about how she was confused when Shanna used the Veto on Carson and Kirkpatrick was put up in his place. Todrick says that Kirkpatrick was a disloyal and traitorous coward and added that he thinks that Kirkpatrick believed his own lies.

There you have it, folks! That is my final live feeds recap of the CBBUS3 season! Remember, the one-hour season finale airs tonight starting at 8 PM EST. Who do you hope to see win tonight?

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