Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother we will watch as the houseguests learn what the Gala Gift box holds! What kind of twist will be released on the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house? Will it impact the Head of Household’s nomination choices? Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother 2022 live recap right here to find out!

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We start this episode of Celebrity Big Brother off with Miesha trying to make an alliance with Todrick and Lamar. Remind you, Todrick is in an alliance with CarsonCynthia, and Shanna! Then Chris Kirkpatrick offers to work with Todrick and of course, he is okay with that. Todrick heads into the bathroom and Mirai and Teddi offer him an alliance too. They go to talk to Cynthia and Cynthia tells Mirai about the alliance she has with Todrick, Shanna, and Carson. This gives Mirai a six-person alliance (Teddi, Cynthia, Todrick, Carson, Shanna, and herself) which is the majority of the house. This also makes it so Todrick is working with everyone in the house except for Todd and Chris Kattan.

Lamar talks to Todrick, Cynthia, and Shanna about his relationship with Khloe and how they met. Lamar gets very vulnerable with them during this talk.

We then get a look at Miesha talking to Chris Kirkpatrick about who she should nominate. She then asks Chris Kirkpatrick about whether or not he would have her back. He tells her that he will and she invites him into her alliance with Todrick and Lamar. Todrick comes out and she tells him that Chris Kirkpatrick is a new alliance member and they decide to go up to the HOH to talk. She tells them that she is thinking about putting Chris Kattan and Todd on the block. Todrick asks her who she wants to go this week and Miesha tells him that she was thinking Teddi. She thinks that Teddi is a big enough threat, but getting rid of Teddi won’t put a target on her back.

It is time to open the Gala Gift! They get a video message and then Meisha reads from a card. She pulls a bag from the box which is actually a hat. She reads that she will hand the hat to someone, they will then hand it off to someone else who hasn’t had it until the last houseguest to wear it gets it. This houseguest will be safe for the week. Miesha just doesn’t want Teddi to have it at the end, however, she knows that she can’t give it to Teddi herself or else Teddi will know she is coming for her.

Here is the order the hat was handed off:

  1. Miesha gives it to Chris Kirkpatrick
  2. Chris Kirkpatrick gives it to Chris Kattan
  3. Chris Kattan gives it to Todd
  4. Todd gives it to Teddi
  5. Teddi gives it to Lamar
  6. Lamar gives it to Carson
  7. Carson gives it to Todrick
  8. Todrick gives it to Mirai
  9. Mirai gives it to Shanna
  10. Shanna gives it to Cynthia

Cynthia is the last person to receive the hat and now she is safe for the week! However, Meisha reminds them that this might be a blessing for Cynthia, but a curse for someone else. She also says that even if they aren’t nominated, they can still go home! Shanna speculates that she wonders if Cynthia will have the power to choose who could go because she is the one who got the hat.

After the Gala Gift is opened, there are some conversations going on in the house. Teddi starts to think that she might be in trouble because Miesha is not making any promises to her. Miesha later asks Mirai if they can talk. She wants to add Mirai to be part of the alliance that she is in. Teddi fills Mirai in on her plan to nominate Chris Kattan and Todd with Teddi as a backdoor option. However, she asks Mirai if she would be willing to go up as a pawn in the event that Teddi should win Power of Veto. The problem is, Mirai is loyal to her alliance with Teddi, Cynthia, Todrick, Carson, and Shanna and Mirai doesn’t want to be a pawn. She tells Miesha that she will think about everything she has brought to her.

Mirai goes to talk to Teddi. She tells Teddi that Miesha sees her as a big threat and also tells her that Miesha plans to target Teddi. Teddi tells Mirai that she knew it. Teddi goes to talk to Todrick and tells him what Mirai told her. He tells us that he has to go talk to Miesha and fill her in on what happened. Todrick tells Miesha that before she talks to anyone else, they need to talk. He warns Miesha that Mirai told Teddi about Miesha’s plan. Miesha knows that she has to come up with a new plan now.

Miesha then goes to talk to Teddi and Teddi makes a deal with her that if she doesn’t put her up, she won’t put Miesha up either. Miesha questions how long this deal would be good for and Teddi tells her that they have time. Miesha tells us that she now has a decision to make on whether is going to continue to target Teddi or shift gears towards Mirai.

Miesha changes her whole plan and tells Carson that she is going to put him on the block, but as a pawn. Carson is okay with this because Miesha promises that he is safe and that everyone in the house loves him. She tells us that her target this week has shifted to Mirai, but will she BD her or put her up next to Carson?

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony! Miesha decided to nominate Mirai and Carson for eviction. She tells Mirai that she is a fierce competitor and tells Carson that he has an amazing social game and she respects both their ability to play this game.

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